Assign hot keys to run a command in Windows 7

Hi, I would like to set up some hot keys to run the following command;

"C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Local Area Connection.lnk"

Can someone tell me how to do it please.
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Right click the shortcut

Click "Properties"

Click "Shortcut Key"

type the shortcut.

Et. Voila!
camtzAuthor Commented:
When I right click on Local Area Connection and then click on properties, there is no place to put a shortcut key.
You posted the path to a shortcut, you can assign a hotkey to a Shortcut, if you want a shortcut to local area connection you can right click the connection and click create shortcut.
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camtzAuthor Commented:
No, I went directly to the control panel and choose Local Area Connection and right clicked it and clicked on properties but there is no place to put a short key.  So, now, I have created a shortcut for it and put it in my documents folder.  
I right clicked the shortcut and WOW, there is a place for shortcut keys so I hit Control 7 and it shows up as Cntl + Alt + 7 but when I hit those keys nothing happens.  I re-booted and still, nothing happens.  Do I have to do it as an Administrator or something else for it to work? I'm the only one that uses this computer.

What I want it to do is to open up the Local Area Connection Status dialog window,
Can you try a different shortcut, Ctrl Alt L for example just to see if it's that combo.

You shouldn't need to run as admin.
camtzAuthor Commented:
I tried several combinations but none of them work.
Can you try the following:

Remove the Key Combo, click apply/OK

Re-enter the Key Combo, click apply/OK

If that doesn't work:

Remove/Recreate the Shortcut itself and try again.

Failing that, if you have access to an admin account, try using that account to create the shortcut/assign the key combo
camtzAuthor Commented:
I recreated the short cut and used a different combo and nothing happens. Since I've never tried this before, let me ask a stupid question.  The short cut has the word "none" in it before I type my combo.  Once I type the combo the word none goes away.  Is it suppose to say that when you first open it up?  And, assuming I can get this to work, what would I see on my desktop? Thanks
Yes, it should say "none" once you've run it you would expect to see the LAN "Status" window. with the properties button etc.

This is the status window you should see (this is for my Wi-Fi connection however)
camtzAuthor Commented:
Man, this is exactly what I am trying to achieve.  I wish it would work for me.  I guess I'll just keep playing around with it until I get it to work.  Thanks a lot for all your help.  I'm going to leave this open for a while just in case I have another question.
camtzAuthor Commented:
Just out of curiosity, what key combination did you use and are you using Windows 7?
I am using Windows 7 and I used CTRL + ALT + W I am using an administrator account.
camtzAuthor Commented:
I just found out what the problem is.  I created a new shortcut and while it was on my desktop, I assigned a combo AND IT WORKED!!!!!.  However, as soon as I moved it to My Documents folder it quit working.  Why would that be?  I don't like to clutter my desktop with stuff and I would love to put it away somewhere but it sure doesn't like My Documents Folder.
According to Microsoft:
The shortcut file must be placed in either the All Programs list or on the Desktop or a folder on the Desktop.
camtzAuthor Commented:
Where can I find the All Programs list.  Is that where all programs reside?
It's part of the Start Menu.

Click "Start"

Right Click "All Programs"

Click "Open" or "Open All Users (Use this if you want all accounts on the PC to use the shortcut"

Put your shortcut in the "Programs" folder.

Right click your shortcut. Assign the "hotkey"

Test your shortcut.

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