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Is there good API to take the system resource all around , like linux / windows / Itanium / Solaris

Is there good API to take the system resource all around , like linux / windows / Itanium / Solaris.

I want to know the status of the resource all around the platforms.

used memory / cpu / top process like that.

Please recommend me the good API .
No matter commercial or not

Thanks in advance
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This is about memory:


  Runtime runtime = Runtime.getRuntime();

    NumberFormat format = NumberFormat.getInstance();

    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
    long maxMemory = runtime.maxMemory();
    long allocatedMemory = runtime.totalMemory();
    long freeMemory = runtime.freeMemory();

    sb.append("free memory: " + format.format(freeMemory / 1024) + "<br/>");
    sb.append("allocated memory: " + format.format(allocatedMemory / 1024) + "<br/>");
    sb.append("max memory: " + format.format(maxMemory / 1024) + "<br/>");
    sb.append("total free memory: " + format.format((freeMemory + (maxMemory - allocatedMemory)) / 1024) + "<br/>")

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gamjaradioAuthor Commented:
actually I want know cpu percent per process.

like this

PID          used cpu percent
23122          20%
1920            30%
I don't think you can have fully system indpednent way to list top processes
these are some examples:
I don't think you can get top processes in system indepdnednt way
You can use Runtime.getRuntime().exec(...) and use specific commands for the system
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