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Active disk at or Acronis for sbs2003

osa2 asked
Hi I'm looking to build a solid kind of Disaster recovery plan.
I see 2 possible winners in software

Acronis Advanced SBS server 11
Or Active Disk @ Pro.

Does anyone have advise on what to pick?
The destination to backup to is
2 rotating usb disks
1 iscsi target (which is an ZFS raidz2 (raid6 2disk can fail at once) with 7 Harddisk and 1 active hotspare in case 1 disk dies)

They both seem to state the same thing only the pricing is different.

I only want to disk image backup no file backup
Should have a distaster boot cd to but image back on hardware or Bare metal restore capabiltiy

Any advises??
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Definitely Acronis
The best feature i love in it is Universal Restore
In case of disaster you can use any machine available and deploy the image of sever to be used as a sever
Further you can maintain incremental backups as well as full backups

Incremental backups save a lot of space and less load on the network

Image validation email feature is there as well, so that you dont have to check if the process completed successfully

Personally speaking, i never had any problems with Acronis

Andrew DavisManager
Definatley NOT acronis. Great app, useless tech support. when you need tech support they are not there and think that you can just wait days for an answer during a recovery stage. I have been their and done that.

Cant comment on Active Disk @ Pro, as i have not used it.

However i would highly recommend Shadow Protect. Better price point and beats acronis in every way. I now run this on all my clients servers and have had to use it during disaster and the fact that i can take a downed server and restore it to a virtual machine on a "VirtualBox" (oracle free software) in less than 5 minutes and have the site fully operational so as to buy me time to restore to new/fixed hardware, then rollup changes from virtualbox with 1 minute downtime is just the best. Full baremetal support, real to vm conversion, dis-similar hardware, incrementals, etc....

I work with a team of engineers, i researched disaster recovery after an Acronis debarcle, i was sold on Shadow protect, did their one day course and then sold it to every client. My fellow engineers where scepticle until our first disaster and they saw how simple it was that i could get the server back on line from an office 2500Km away in a virtual server and give them time to replace drives, and repair. then rolled from temp virtual back to repaired hardware that night. Customer had no downtime. doesnt get better than that.

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DO NOT USE ACRONIS you are placing your data at risk!!! you will regret it. I agree with AndrewJDavis 100% and I've been in the business for over 15 years. I'm going to look into Shadow Protect and another product I've looked into is AppAssure however they don't provide adequate coverage for their offsite portion...something I'm still researching.


How does this Shadow protect deal with disaster recovery? Is there a disk to boot from?
Andrew DavisManager

Yes. And unlike acronis it is an iso that you just burn to a cd.  With Acronis they do not give you a bootable cd, they give you a plugin for bartpe and you need to stuff around with trying to get it to work for yourself.


how  about data retention. I have installed the shadowprotect now on my server (as a test) and backup everything to nas. I have told SP to retain only 3 backup sets.
Incremtals are taken every 120 Minutes. (just to be shure :-) )
But every x days I need to manually delete the oldest SPF files as they are not deleted automatically.

The NAS is full and I only receive errors that the backup destination is full. and backups are no longer performed.

So, What about data retention settings. I'm not going to buy SP in case I need to manually delete the SPF files now and then.
You need to also install image manager. It will automatically consolidate your incremental to daily, daily to weekly, weekly to monthly. It also has the retention settings. Base version, which does all this, is free.

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