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Put a Header with Graphics on Every Page in Drupal

I have a header with graphics I want to put at the top of every page.

Not sure if I should be using Blocks or Pages.

What's the conventional approach?
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It really depends on the effect you're going for. If you're talking about a large rotating image area then views slideshow rotator module provides you with a block that you can then insert.
e.g. http://demo.symphonythemes.com/index.php?theme=shamisen

Do you have an example of what you're going for?
In Drupal there is usually a header region defined in your theme.  If you want the header and graphic to be on every page then you could modify your page.tpl.php file to add the header stuff.  This may not be a good idea if you are planning on doing other things in the header region.

You could create a header block and put the content into the block and assign that block to the header region.

I don't think you want to use a page as that defines a complete stand-alone page like an About Us page or a Legal Disclaimer Page.

As Oliver said, it depends on what you are trying to do and what the contents of the header will be.


In reponse to both of you, I want to put a drop-down menu on every page like this:  www.serve.gov

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