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Control Panel > Mail icon > your system needs more memory or system resources. close some windows and try again

I have a problem with my ability to open the "mail" icon in my control panel.

When I try I get an error "Your system needs more memory or system resources. Close some windows and try again".

Comp Spec:

Processor: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU W3520 @ 2.67GHz
Memory: 8 GB
System Type Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit
Office Version: Office 2010 64bit

I get this problem after a fresh reboot, it only started to happen recently.

So far I have just made sure I have all of the Windows updates up to date and ran a repair on Microsoft Office. I have also run outlook as an admin with the "/fixmapi" switch. I have also made sure the C:\Windows\System32\mapistub.dll is there. The problem happens across several users on the computer.

Anyone else have any dieas what the problem could be? It's only started to happen recently, I don't know exactly when.

Normal Outlook functions and features seem to work as normal.
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Check your settings for page file. The system might have a corrupt page file.


Ok so I did the microsoft "fix it" link on this page:


Still have the same problem though...

junaidITManager, ICT Services


chck above URL. talks about couple of registry edits required. hope that helps out.

gud luck and pos tback .


Did as the instructions said on your link junaidIT but no I still have the same problem :(
Just to let you know I fixed the problem by re-installing windows.


No one else provided a solution that worked.