Unable to call Print Dialog in Firefox, Works in IE

I have a jquery ui dialog that appears to client with Printer Friendly content.  The dialog box contains two buttons, 'Print' and 'Cancel'.  The Print button contains the standard javascript command to call the print dialog button.  This function works in IE but not in Firefox.  What needs to be done differently for?

see code:
    //Build function to handle Printable Pages
    function openPrintDialog(divName, iframeID, ajaxUrl, displayTitle, defaultWidth, defaultHeight, openStatus, page, iframeWidth) {
        //this dialog is used to show the printable version of the Client Record
        var $dialog = $('<div id="' + divName + '"></div>')
                .html('<iframe id="' + iframeID + '" style="border: 0px; " src="' + page + '" width="' + iframeWidth + '" height="' + defaultHeight + '"></iframe>')
                    autoOpen: openStatus,
                    title: displayTitle,
                    width: defaultWidth,
                    height: defaultHeight,
                    modal: true,

                    //Define Buttons
                    buttons: {
                        Print: function () {
                            var objFrame = window.frames[iframeID];

                            //Now close dialog
                        Close: function (ev, ui) {
                            clearPrintIframe('#' + iframeID);
                });                     //end of Dialog w/options

    };  //End of openPrintDialog Function
Robert TreadwellManaging DirectorAsked:
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Robert TreadwellConnect With a Mentor Managing DirectorAuthor Commented:
Answered this one my self.  Changed the Print section to determine the browser type and then changing print functionality to fit the browser type.

                        Print: function () {
                            var nav = navigator.appName;
                            if (nav == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") {
                                var objFrame = window.frames[iframeID];
                            } else if (nav == "Netscape") {
                                $('#' + iframeID)[0].focus();
                                $('#' + iframeID)[0].contentWindow.print();
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