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Windows Vista Business no mouse or keyboard input after boot


When windows vista boots, there is no keyboard or mouse buttons that work. You can move the mouse over the screen icons and that seems functional, but when you try to push a right or left mouse button, nothing happens. When I try to press the windows start button on the keyboard nothing happens either.

i have put in a new hd and built windows 7 and have verified that both input devices work. I have booted into safe mode in windows vista and all seems OK from there. I have run msconfig and disabled all of the startup items to try and clear the potenial program running that may cause this issue. I have scanned the system with both MBAM and with Super-antispyware and nothing has been pulled up. I have upgraded the memory from 2 GB to 3 Gb suspecting that maybe the system was running out of memory resources, but it still have not changed in any way.

perplexed??? you bet. The system is a Compaq 6510b

any help?

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So the mouse and keyboard work ok in Win7, but not in Vista?  Sounds like the Vista drivers for this laptop were not installed for the input devices.  Can you use a USB keyboard and mouse?  If you can, check in device manager for the existence of the Vista drivers.

is the issue only with the build in keyboard and touchpad? what about connecting external ones?
if this is the situation i guess that some fancy HP driver about "smart" buttons or similar is causing the issue.
go into the device manager and check what you see under keyboard and pointing device (this could be also done in safe mode if externa mouse/kbd did not work)

there are plenty of thing which could be done, but we need to start from somewhere.



Thanks for the input, (litterally)

The devices were working up till recently and then they stopped. The drivers could certainly have become corrupted. I have used the system restore and have restored it to 5 days ago with no luck either. As for External mouse connections and keyboard...USB seems to be disabled as well which is very, very strange


as for device manager settings... (from safe mode!)

Keyboards: HID Keyboard Device
                     Standard 101/102 Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 keyboard with HP QLB

Mice and other pointing devices:
                     Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad
If they are both working in safe mode, I would check to make sure you do not have an IRQ conflict with any other hardware.

Open the System Information utility by typing msinfo32.exe in the run box, and navigating to System Summary\Hardware Resources\IRQs to view the IRQs in use on your system, and the devices using them. If there is a conflict you will need to change the IRQ setting of one of your devices.

If there are not any conflicts, I would have to say it seems like some software is getting in the way. The question is, what changed before this started happening? Some new hardware or software addition?



in the standard IRQ listing from the system summary/Hardware Resource/IRQ space the following is listed

IRQ 0 System time
IRQ 1 Standard 101/102 Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 keyboard
IRQ 7 ECP Printer port (LPT1)
IRQ 8 System CMOS/Real time clock
IRQ10 Mobile Intel(r) 965 Express Chipset Family
IRQ 10 Intel(r) PRO/Wireless
IRQ 11 Broadcom Netlink Gigabit Ethernet
IRQ 12 Synaptics PS/2 Port TouchPad
IRQ13 Numeric data processor
IRQ 14 IDE Channel
IRQ 16 intel (r) ICHB Family pci Express root port 1-2
IRQ 16 intel (r) ICHB Family pci Express root port 5-2
IRQ 16 Ricoh R/RL/5C476(II) or compatible carbus

And so on.. No conflicts with the mouse and keyboard.

any other suggestions??
thanks for the input. Sorry for the delay.

I decided to CLONE the disk and during the clone process, there was a problem with BAD clusters on the disk. I ran the ONTRACK disk diagnosis on the full disk and about 12 to 15 bad spots were found on the disk. I suspect that there is some data corruption and that the disk needs to be replaced at this time.

The system was shipped with Vista Business and included was the MS office product suite. This is tax season and so, to wait is an impossiblity at this time. I was hoping for a quick fix. Data backup has been done so there should be no issue with the restore of the software to a new disk.

thanks for the assistance on this and the quick responses and understandable troubleshooting techniques that you used.

"Problem was hardware oriented" is not true about the Kbd and mice issue.
glad that you were able to backup the data.


Problem was hardware oriented

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