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What is the maximum resolution size of webpage for iphone/ipod & ipad?

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Last Modified: 2012-03-14
Dear EE experts,

Related to our previous question (thread ID: 27622470, answered already), we would like to ask what is the maximum resolution size of a webpage for an iphone/ipod & ipad? Because we got the resolution size that was advised by Programmer-x, for iphone/ipod it's 480 x 320px, then for ipad: 1024x768px. So we tried to design a page that we would like to open it on iphone/ipod first, then we open it on iphone & ipod (both are 4th gen), the page of the web that we created is I think 1/4 of the screen size of an iphone/ipod. Though we set it 320px for the whole table width.

Thank you & hope to hear soon...
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u can check the site on your iphone or ipod on this site: http://www.headhuntermanila.com/ste/

please advise also for ipad.

Thank you!
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There is no such thing as a maximum resolution for any device.  The limits get extended almost daily.  You build for flexibility or limit yourself to one version of one device that is subject to change at any time; and you become out-of step overnight.


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