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VBScript If Statement based on Form elements

garethtnash asked

I want to display hidden some of the elements on my form based on a recordset value, and OR a listbox option..

I've managed to get this far --

<li<%If ISNULL(RSAccountDetail("EnewsPackage"))  Then %> style="display:none;"<%End if%>>

However I also want to hide / display based on the listbox above...

So have tried this --

<li<%If ISNULL(RSAccountDetail("EnewsPackage"))  OR select.EnewsAccountType = "" Then %> style="display:none;"<%End if%>>

So --

If the column value is NULL, OR the Select EnewsAccountType is Empty - don't display....

If the recordset column is null, but a visitor selects a value from EnewsAccountType the area is no longer hidden..

I know this can be done in Javascript, can it also be done in VBScript?

Either way,.. Javascript / VBScript -- Please can you let me know how best to write the statement please.


My code currently looks like --

            <label>ENews Account  *</label>
            <select name="EnewsAccountType" class="inputselect2" id="EnewsAccountType">
              <option value="" <%If (Not isNull((RSAccountDetail.Fields.Item("EnewsPackage").Value))) Then If ("" = CStr((RSAccountDetail.Fields.Item("EnewsPackage").Value))) Then Response.Write("selected=""selected""") : Response.Write("")%>>Select</option>
While (NOT RSEnewsPackages.EOF)
              <option value="<%=(RSEnewsPackages.Fields.Item("ID").Value)%>" <%If (Not isNull((RSAccountDetail.Fields.Item("EnewsPackage").Value))) Then If (CStr(RSEnewsPackages.Fields.Item("ID").Value) = CStr((RSAccountDetail.Fields.Item("EnewsPackage").Value))) Then Response.Write("selected=""selected""") : Response.Write("")%> ><%=(RSEnewsPackages.Fields.Item("Name").Value)%></option>
If (RSEnewsPackages.CursorType > 0) Then
End If
          <li<%If ISNULL(RSAccountDetail("EnewsPackage")) Then %> style="display:none;"<%End if%>>
            <label>Enews Join Date</label>
            <input type="text" id="EnewsStartDate" name="EnewsStartDate"  class="datebox" />xxxx  
          <li<%If ISNULL(RSAccountDetail("EnewsPackage")) Then %> style="display:none;"<%End if%>>
            <label>Username *</label>
            <input name="EnewsUN" type="text" class="inputboxname" id="EnewsUN" value="<%=(RSAccountDetail.Fields.Item("EnewsUsername").Value)%>" maxlength="200" />

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Thanks All
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Top Expert 2011
Please make following changes to your code, line numbers are based on code submitted with this post:

Line 3:
<select name="EnewsAccountType" class="inputselect2" id="EnewsAccountType" onchange="javascript:callFunction(this.value);">

Line 20:
 <li<%If ISNULL(RSAccountDetail("EnewsPackage")) Then %> style="display:none;"<%End if%>  id="liEnewsStartDate">

Line 25:
<li<%If ISNULL(RSAccountDetail("EnewsPackage")) Then %> style="display:none;"<%End if%> <li<%If ISNULL(RSAccountDetail("EnewsPackage")) Then %> style="display:none;"<%End if%>>>

After Line 28:
<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
    function callFunction(obj){
        if(obj != ''){
            document.getElementById("liEnewsStartDate").style.display = "";
            document.getElementById("liEnewsUN").style.display = "";
        else if(obj == ''){
            document.getElementById("liEnewsStartDate").style.display = "none";
            document.getElementById("liEnewsUN").style.display = "none";


Apologies for the very very delayed response; thanks for your answer

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