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Store Excel data in a SQL Server table and link Excel to this DB

I have data in a Excel spreadsheet that I would like to store in a table in SQL Server 2008 (or maybe Sql Express 2005) and then be able to access this data in SQL from Excel on some pc's.
How do I:
1) Create the appropriate table in SQL Server
2) Copy the data from Excel to this SQL Table
3) Be able to access this Sql table data from an Excel spreadsheet (on any pc).

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Hi ndidomenico,

1.You need to create a database in ms sql server.
2. In the excel format to the column headers appropriately i.e the way you need it to appear in the table and save
3. Go to SQL server management studio express and right click on the database already created.
4.select TASKS and then select IMPORT DATA after clicking
this one dialog box will appear,click NEXT
5.Choose microsoft Excel as DATA SOURCE,then BROWSE your saved excel file then click NEXT
6.Choose the DESTINATION (Your SQL server)
7.Select the SERVERNAME
9.Select the DATABASE and then click next
10.select "COPY DATA FROM ONE OR MORE TABLES OR VIEWS" then click next
11.the Sheets in your excel file will be showed here
12.select the sheet which you want to insert and then click next
13.select the "EXECUTE IMMEDIATELY" check box and then click next
14.click finish
15.it takes some time to process and finallY, if there are no mistakes,it executes
successsfuly else it shows the error message


Thanks so much Pthepebble. Very detailed, super ! Now, how do I access this SQL table from an Excel spreadsheet ?
On your excel sheet go to data menu and select from other sources then click on from sql server.

Enter the servername and select the credentials as expected and click on next.

on the next screen select your database and table as created previously.

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