New mailbox DB to existing exch2010

I have an existing, working exch 2010 with the mailbox database on the G drive. User mailboxes on in this DB.
I want to create a new mailbox on the F: and move 3 mailboxes to this new DB. So then I will have 2 DB's all together
How to do this?
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SieQConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Exchange 2010 Enterprise Edition : 100 databases per server
Exchange 2010 Standard Edition : 5 databases per server.
HubmanAuthor Commented:
So I can have more then 1 active DB
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

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HubmanAuthor Commented:
HubmanAuthor Commented:
Can the log folder path go to the E drive (Logs)? this is the current log locationfor the current mailbox database.
if you want, it's recommended not to put DB and logs on same drive, but all depends on your requirements, performance, etc.
Easiest to say is : Yes it's possible.
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