OWA partially available on SBS 2008

One of my clients added a second WAN to their office and asked me to set up the dual WAN.
I purchased a Cisco RV042 and set it up.

We are having a problem on OWA. If we login to remote.company.com and choose Check Email, everything works. However, if we login to https://remote.company.com/owa all we get is a blank screen. No errors, or anything.

I ran the SBS "Fix my Network" and I did an IIS reset and the problem remains unchanged.
How can I resolve this problem?
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Elmar KoschkaConnect With a Mentor IT System EngineerCommented:
Please install SP3 Update rollup 6.
LostInWindowsAuthor Commented:
For exchange?
Elmar KoschkaIT System EngineerCommented:
yes :-)
Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
If that doesn't work, rebuild the OWA virtual directory. http://mymcp.blogspot.com/2007/07/howto-recreate-outlook-web-access.html
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