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Exchange after re-promotion.

Server had dns problems so demoted the server and promoted it. However when i promoted it i gave it a different name. Little did i know what effect this would have on exchange! Now Exchange System Attendant will not start.

Is there any way round this or have i got to start again?

Server is 2003 sbs.
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Because this is SBS  you are better off  to restore from Backup.
Changing the server name is not supported.
Have you tried (as a last reort) to rename he server to its old name and re-run all the wizards?


I'd be nice but stupidly never made a backup.
Could always try renaming it is there an easier way then demoting it etc.

Also my quest for an answer lead me to this http://support.microsoft.com/kb/910413   So I assusme if I can some how re add those stated accounts it may work.
I would suggest you ring MS Support on this.
Be prepared for them to say you need to start again.


had to do it Reinstalled OS.

Thanks for all imput.


I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Don't know why we even botheranswering some questions.

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