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Windows 7 Web Browsers having trouble uploading to ubuntu Vsftpd

Hello Pros,

I currently have a Vsftpd Ubuntu linux box configured and I am trying to upload through my Windows 7 Browser but all it does is think it's saving a new document from the web. I have Filezilla installed and that works beautifully upload / download, my clients cannot use a program though it has to be through the web browser only.

Any fixes for this dilemma?

Any help would be much appreciated.
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Press Alt and click on View and select Open FTP site in Windows Explorer. The browser doesn't let you use the full functionality of an FTP client.


That only works for I.E. I also need this to work on FireFox which doesn't give me the option to Open FTP site in Windows Explorer.

Any help would be appreciated!

Install FireFTP Addon for Firefox from here

After this is installed, click on Firefox tab (top left corner) and click on Web Developer and FireFTP to open the add on and enter details (connection, username and password)

Good luck


Lego I thank you for your quick responses but from what I've been told I cannot have clients download any type of Add on or External program, it has to be literally as simple as typing in the IP on a web browser and drag and drop (User Friendly).
Not sure that can be done without an add on for Firefox. Since your clients use Windows 7 you can ask them to do something like this,
Open WIndows Explorer (Start -> Type Windows Explorer)
Once it opens, in the address bar, give ftp://ipaddress or hostname
Enter username/password
Now you can drag and drop files


Well if this is the only way I will tell the clients that they can only use this method.

Thanks for your help Legolas.

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