View ip cameras from remote browser through Fios and Sonicwall

I need to be able to use a browser to remotely view my ip camera. I use Verizon Fios with a Westell 9100EM15-10 modem then directly to a Sonic Wall TZ-170 then to a high speed switch to the local network.  I am able to view the camera in a browser on the local network.  I have set the camera to be accessible through port 5632. My local network is 192.168.1.xx.  The Westell address is The Sonic Wall is

I have set up packet monitoring in the Sonic Wall and so far, have not seen anything come in so I assume that nothing is getting past the Westell.

I have tried port forwarding and bridging in the Westell, but apparently I am not setting it correctly.
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Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
You need to set the camera to a static IP.

Port forward 5362 on the westell to camera IP on 5362

go to from your computer to get public IP (note can change!)

then you should be able to go to

kentcraneAuthor Commented:
The camera is already set to a static ip. Currently I am not able to access the camera using http://mypublicIP:5362.  Attempts to do so are not showing up in the Sonic Wall's packet monitor, so I assume that I am not getting past the Westell modem.
Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
Do you have port forwarding set up?  

again, should be in the router as source port 5362 (tcp) to camera IP 5362.

If that doesn't work, go on a higher port, say 13233 to camera ip 5362,

then you would hit publicIP:13233

Also I'm not sure if you can hit it by public IP from inside your network.  (similiart to VPN, can only be accessed from outside).
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kentcraneAuthor Commented:
I think that I need specific instructions that apply to my hardware.  I do have port forwarding set up, but I suppose that I have not set it up correctly.  As I have said, since I am not seeing any activity in Sonic Wall's packet monitor, I think that my attempt to connect is not making it through my Westell.  Concerning the port number, I have used that number in the past with a different modem and router configuration without problems. Also, I am attempting to connect from outside my local network.
Kyle AbrahamsSenior .Net DeveloperCommented:
Different modem + router = different ISP?  Fios may be blocking that port, hence trying another.  If you post some screen shots of the interface I can take a look at for you.


show how to do port forwarding with the westell modem/router.
What is the IP Camera's Brand and Model?
Have you tried setting up a DynDns account and accessing it from the actual host name?
kentcraneAuthor Commented:

OK, after getting a Verizon Tier-2 tech support person on the line and agreeing to pay $109.99 for the info, I found that my Westell modem must have the the box checked on the DMZ screen. There is only one box on the screen. The local address on that same screen must be entered as the same one that is used to pass traffic to my Sonic Wall in the general setup of the Westell.  Port forwarding in the Westell did not work. Setting up the DMZ did work.

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kentcraneAuthor Commented:
My own comment was the correct answer which I found outside of Experts-Exchange.
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