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I have an 8 page website with no open links back to the root directory.  I want to create a URL mask that will display a substitute URL on all 8 pages>
I need the script that will work with most or all browsers and I need to know precisely where to place the script in each page.
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You just need a bit of javascript code which overwrites the address bar.
The only problem is if someone has java script disabled they will see it - but most people have JS turned on.
doncalarcoAuthor Commented:
Thanks but you did not answer my question.  Instead you send me to search for an answser.
doncalarcoAuthor Commented:
To be clear....I want to place a link to URL on a web page named
When the visitor clicks on the link in and lands on, the URL displayed in the address bar will be, and all the pages on the 8-page website ( will also display as the URL...a mask!  Not a Short URL!  I don't ever want a visitor top see the url for

Please help.

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Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
That kind of masking is better achieved at the server level using rewrites or domain mirroring.  Iframes are also a better choice than a script.

Is there a reason it has to be a script?
doncalarcoAuthor Commented:
Not at all!  It does not need to be a script.  I need someone to talk to me in laymens (newbie) terms, and just tell me what to do to make it happen.  The easiest way possible, would be best.

Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
The absolutely easiest way is to use an Iframe tag to pull in the content from the other site and display it on a page in your site.

The syntax is:

<iframe src="" height="600" width="800"></iframe>

Place that in the page wherever you want it to appear and adjust the parameters as you see fit.

One has to wonder though...why are you trying to deceive your users?
doncalarcoAuthor Commented:
It is not a deception.
It is a corporate policy.  I have created a site to promote an incentive destination for my client's national sales force.  The client is very security conscious and they do not allow "links" to other sites on their corporate site, unless that are masked, mirrored, or whatever to only show their corporate URL.  Why?  I don't know?  Just a policy that they expect me to follow.
But it sure does not sound easy.
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.Commented:
Well as above - use java script.  This is code that sits inside the page and changes the address people see to the one you want them to see.

When you have the links on the page and people hover over them - they will see where they are going.
Your current link would be something like :
<a href=''>See details</a>

You can mask that with code like this :

<a href="#" onclick="javascript:GetResource('')">See details</a>

Then when they click on the link and end up at that site you can use java script (or iFrames as mentioned by jason1178) to hide the site they are on.  As above google it.  You'll find PAGES and PAGES on the subject.  There seems little point in me googling it and copying and pasting someone elses code when you can google it, pick your own code and have your answer in seconds.

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