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Exchange and Another Mail Server for the Same Domain

Jim Faust
Jim Faust asked
We currently host our own email using an Exchange server.  Up until now, we have only given email addresses to mainly office employees.  We would like to provide all of our field employees with email addresses, but due to the cost we do not want to create additional mailboxes on our Exchange server.

What I would like to do is host some email accounts on another mail server, but keep the domain the same.  If my mailbox is on our Exchange server and my email address is jim@abcdefg.com, then I'd like to add mailboxes for our field employees on a different server.  So if the employee's name is John, then I'd like his email address to be john@abcdefg.com.

Is there a way to tell Exchange that if an email is received and the mailbox is not found on an Exchange mailbox server, then the email should be forwarded on to a different mail server?
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