Exchange 2003 Migration Timing

Hi everyone,

We are planning on a migration tomorrow at 6am and seeing if the experts would answer one question?

Can clients still receive email and connect to the exchange on server 2003 or are they going to have to wait till all is migrated?

MutogiIT ManagerAsked:
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
What are you migrating to and what are your plans?

If you are installing Exchange 2010 alongside and then moving mailboxes across, then your users will continue to receive emails until their mailbox starts to be moved, then no access when being moved, then once moved, access will be restored.

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If your clients are internal and using Outlook 2007 onwards then there will be some downtime while the move request completes and then it should auto repoint Outlook to the new Exchange

Remote users may need resetting backup but its difficult to say without a bit more info in regards to client access, SSL certs etc

I would personally do this out of hours and test it out on a few non essential users first if possible
MutogiIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks again for the info here are some responses for you all....

i plan on a swing migration and follow these instructions as i will be do exactly that. 

move sbs2003 exchange to server 2008 with exch 2010

testing on a client or 2 is an excellent idea, will do.

another question if a mailbox is over 2GB is there a problem with that in a swing migration?

Help and thanks for the super fast response!!!!
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Demazter's guide is not a swing migration guide.

So - are you planning a swing migration using another guide, or a standard migration using Demazter's guide?

Personally I would use Demazter's guide - I always do :)
MutogiIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
ok tell me what to expect pretty standard environment 22 users and about 60GB store??

the Global address list is really the only thing that is out there,

what exactly consists "shared user data"??
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Shared user data are files such as spreadsheets / word documents etc.

If you only have Exchange, then you will have minimal down-time as you will be moving the mailboxes from SBS 03 to Exchange 2010 and unless you have users with massive mailboxes (I am midway through a migration and the largest mailbox was 11.1Gb!) the whole process will be very simple and each user will have minimal downtime whilst their mailbox is moved.

Mail will still be received by the server during the mailbox move, but the mail won't be put into the mailbox until it has completed the move.  If the move takes 1 hour to switch from old server to the new server, then the user won't have email access for 1 hour.  If it takes 5 hours, as a 5Gb mailbox I moved the other day took, then they will be out of action for 5 hours.

I ended up archiving the 11.1Gb mailbox to the local archive.pst and got it down to 5Gb before starting the move and then left it overnight to move.  By the morning, the mailbox was moved and they then imported the mail back from the archive.pst file back into the mailstore.
MutogiIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
so im guessing top lvl is 6GB ill be OK?
MutogiIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
the other thing im switching DC to that server as well anything that i need to know?

how will they log in tomorrow?
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
You should be fine - it just depends on the speed of the SBS 03 server and the network.

I had planned to move mailboxes and data over the weekend just gone.  Started the mailbox moves Friday at 6:00pm and by Monday, the last two mailboxes were still moving (11.1Gb and 6.5Gb).  I had to suspend the moves so the users could work and then as I foresaw that the moves would not complete overnight, got them to archive their mailboxes to only keep items newer than 3 months old.

The last mailbox moved last night and I am moving data over this coming weekend.

If you plan for it to take longer than you think and warn people, then they won't be upset if it takes that long as they have been warned, but if you set the expectation at completion in 24 hours, then it takes longer, they will not be happy.

The total store size I tried to move was about 53Gb (42Gb .EDB and 9Gb .STM), so 60Gb could take longer than it took me and that was about 60 hours with the end still in sight.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
If you add the new server as a DC, but don't switch FSMO roles until you are ready to kill the SBS 03 server, then you should be fine and users will still be able to login happily.

Demazter's guide covers all this.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
If you switch FSMO roles before you are ready to shut down the SBS server - it will shut itself down hourly as you will be breaking the license agreement and SBS will be unhappy.
MutogiIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
i know it does this is the virgin run and ive tested in VM enviro and tested and researched and researched but im so uncomfortable about it but im ready to do it.

what happens if this errors out?

i did all server best practice analyzer and exchange best proactive analyzer, all golden!
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
If it goes wrong - post on EE and you will find me around, or if not, look me or Demazter (Glen) up.  I am always in contact with Glen and if I can't help you, then I can ask him to look in.

If this is your first one - it will be nerve-wracking, but take it slow and steady and don't move on to the next step until you have finished the one you are working on.  If it doesn't complete as expected - use EE - just be careful of some of the advice from the Experts that haven't proven themselves as much as some of the other experts.  Plenty of Experts are well-versed in using Google but haven't the knowledge / experience to backup their search results :)
MutogiIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thank YOU!

ill post at the end of the night let you know how it far....
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
You are welcome.

Hope it goes smoothly.  I'm about tomorrow (in a training course), but should be available.

Shout if you need anything.

MutogiIT ManagerAuthor Commented:

1. 3 mailboxes over the limit, i can fix....
2. 1 mailbox with permission, INSUF_PERMISIONS

NO activsync to phone changed DNS last week to 10 and 20 (20 is the new server)
no  A host records added.

Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Technically, you should be asking a new question as the is question is about the timings of a migration.

Not sure about the permissions - have you run the Exchange Best Practises Analyzer on the SBS server?  Are you using a Domain Admin account to migrate?  Does the account you are using have permissions on the stores?

Did you install an SSL certificate on the Exchange 2010 server and switch port 443 on your firewall to the new server yet?
MutogiIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
i think with the phones, its a DNS issue.
ill open another post for the other questions.

Not sure about the permissions - have you run the Exchange Best Practises Analyzer on the SBS server?  
Yes, everything OK no problems

Are you using a Domain Admin account to migrate?  

Does the account you are using have permissions on the stores?
shouldnt but im not for sure.
If I remember well in Swing migration there should be some .vbs sorting out the permission issue. Make sure you read the documentation although it's not as exact as one would wish
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