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Running older programs on Win 7 64 bit operating system

jimrichmond asked
I have an older application program (.exe) and 2 device drivers that won't run on Win7 64 bit computers.  They work fine on the 32 bit operating systems. Is there anything I can try to see if I can get them to work on the 64 bit operating systems?
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Try installing XP mode on Win7 and running the older programs there.

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Device drivers (as far as I've ever experienced and have otherwise understood from day 1) MUST be the same bit level as the OS - 64 bit OS, 64 bit drivers.  No options in this.

XP Mode MIGHT work for the app (I'd even say probably will), BUT, if that app requires those device drivers, then unless they are USB devices, it's almost certain they won't work.  And even if the drivers are for USB devices, USB support is generally questionable in virtual machines.

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