Hacked or not

We have a Joomla website and it appears it may have been hacked. The site URL gets rewritten from




ntice the index.php is removed. This only happens with the https used in teh URL without https the page displays fine.

The rsult of the above is that our site will not take course enrolments. Mission critical.

Thanks for any guidance as to how I can resolve this.

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This doesn't look hacked. Check your .htaccess file and replace with a clean copy from the original joomla files if neccessary. I suspect something's been messed up there.
Needy11Author Commented:
I have replaced the .htaccess file by the previous without any success. Also attached here. its odd hte problem only happens with the HTTPS URL , this URL is needed for the e-commerce bit.

ANy other thoughts as to how I would troubleshoot this? Maybe its not a hack problem but its certainly very odd!

When did it last work properly?

I would get in touch with the developers of the Enrol Course component and see if they are aware of any HTTPS issues...

Other than that I'm not sure, Joomla is full of nasty little surprises...
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Needy11Author Commented:
It was working over the weekend, seems to have just decided to stop. No website changes since. Did you see anything in the .htaccess that would rewrite the index.php part of teh URL or do you think that is a red herring??

There are parts in the .htaccess which will re-write the index.php part of the URL.

Can you try renaming .htaccess to htaccess.txt and see what you get?
Needy11Author Commented:
I have tried that but with no change.  However t doesn't look like the problem is with the enrolcourses component . Even if I go to the main domain root with https it takes me to an incorrect page.

The domain is https://www.icepe.ie where as drop teh s in teh https s and all seems wekk untill you get to course enrol stuff.

No matter what page I try to hit using https it always displays the same page. The page it displays is the most recent one added to the system i..e has the highest ID???

Odd very odd...

What WebServer are you using?

I suspect that this may be a server config issue.
Are you using the "force SSL" setting?

Check your "configuration.php" file for "var $force_ssl = '1';" If it is set to 1 change to 0
It looks like all requests over SSL are being sent to a wordpress installation, not your joomla. Check your bindings in your webserver and confirm that the joomla website is bound on port 443 and (at least for now, ONLY your joomla website is on 443)

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Needy11Author Commented:
Thankyou yes this fixed it. Our VPS seemed to have reassigned the SSL IP for our domain. When I hard coded it back in to the .conf file all was fine and fixed.

Very responsive help Mike. Thankyou

Looking great now :-)

It's nice when webservers take it upon themselves to decide what happens.
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