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Google insight - Did it change?  Web research questions.

I vaguely recall being able to see a 100 year or so timeline of the instances of a word or phrase.  Now Google insight only shows a few years.

Was I confusing Google Insight with another web research tool/site?  Or has Google reduced the timeline of Insight.

Also, I would like to learn more about web research (i.e how many times a topic appears in a given week/month/year/day?
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With www.wolframalpha.com you can get  info about words.

They have have a "word frequency history" graphic that shows the use of a specific word in the Google Books collection (one millon books).

This graph represents the timeperiod from 1539-2007 at the moment and wolframalpha does not let you choose a specific year unfortunately.

To create you own search in the Google books database you can start here:



With www.wolframalpha.com pro version you can provide your own datasets.


Google Insight, a few months back stretched back to the early 1900's.  What happened?
Jason C. LevineDon't talk to me.

I'm pretty sure Google truncated the service because my recollections match yours.  Without doing the research, I'll guess it was about at the same time they disabled a bunch of services and reduced the viability of Analytics.


why did they do this?  Surely they must have documented this change and the reason for it somewhere!
Don't talk to me.
Why?  Because they determined it wasn't valuable for them to give you that kind of research ability.  With the launch of Google Analytics for Enterprise, I wouldn't be shocked to discover the feature is in that package.

>> Surely they must have documented this change and the reason for it somewhere!

I'm sure there's a blog post buried somewhere that mentions the change and the reason.

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