frequent stalled print jobs in workgroup printer

We have a Sharp copie, AR-M257 which is shared off of a Vista workstation as a network printer.  Other computers in the workgroup are a vista machine, ans several XP boxes.  The Sharp would not share off of an XP machine, nor would it share with PS or PCL drivers.  I was able to share it to other machines when it was installed with a GDI driver.  
Print jobs get stuck in the que daily.  The may come from an XP machine that connects with a fair wireless connection.  Print jobs are rendered on the senders machine.
I need to verify that it is the same machine with the wireless connection that has the stalled jobs.  Any ideas on what else it might be, or how to fis it?
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Kinda weird that the AR-M257 does not have a built in NIC.

Do both XP and Vista PC's have the latest GDI drivers?

Also is spooling turned on in the printer properties ?
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
In XP, try the following:-

1. Extract the printer driver file into a folder\index\idncservice\\DriverFiles\
2. Delete all previous printers for AR-M257;
3. Add a new local printer and create a new port which point to the printer share.
4. Click "Have disk" and browse for the driver files inside the newly created folder and manually install the printer;
5. Restart XP to take effect.
AE_JBAuthor Commented:
The "network kit" is an addon for this model.  The problem was with the Vista computer that is sharing the printer.  Is it possible that the GDI driver is unable to process large print jobs with graphics, such as printing web pages?
Jackie ManIT ManagerCommented:
You are correct. GDI driver demands high CPU prcoessing in the PC attached to the printer and will be difficult to manage if the printer is shared over a network.

LPR print sharing is a better choice but it is difficult for initial setup.

If you are interested in LPR print sharing, continue to read the stuff below.

My assumption is that Windows Vista and Windows XPcomputer on the same subnet (say,  (i.e. use the same gateway for Internet access). Correct?

If yes, please try my method below:-

1. Set a fixed internal ip address (say, 192.168.0.x)  for Windows Vista computer.

2. In Windows Vista computer, click "Start" -> "Control Panel" ->  "Programs"

3. Under "Program and Features", select the "Turn Windows features on or off".

4. In the pop-up windows of  "Turn Windows features on or off", expand "Print Services" -> select the check box in front of "LPD Print Service". Then, click "OK" button.

5. Restart Windows Vista computer.

6. After restart Windows Vista, right-click the icon for the installed USB printer (PCL driver one), click "Sharing". You should see the check box in front of "Share this printer" is checked, but you need to change the share name of the printer. The share name shall be less than 13 characters and there shall be no space in the share name. For example, a "Share name" can be "HP_LJ1010", not "HP Lj1020".

7. In Windows XP computer, add a printer using "Add a local printer" -> select "Create a new port" -> in "Type of port" -> select "Standard TCP/IP Port" and click "Next" button -> input the fixed internal ip address of Windows Vista in the ip address field.

8. Follow on-screen instruction to continue. When you are asked to select the printer to be installed, click "Have disk" button and browse for the folder where the Windows XP printer driver is located (i.e. the .inf file)

9. After adding the printer driver, right-click the icon for the installed printer and select "Properties".

10. In the "Ports" tab, click "Configure Port" button to change the setting of
      (i) Under the "Protocol", select "LPR".
      (ii) Under "LPR Settings", in the "Queue Name:", enter the "Share name" of the USB printer and Tick the check box in front of "LPR Byte Counting Enabled"

11. Click "OK" button to close all windows.

You shall be able to print from Windows XP  to the printer attached to Windows Vista computer.

For details of LPD Print Service, please have a look at the link below.

The above method is different as your existing printer sharing method as you do not need to have username/password that exists on Windows Vista and you do not need to logon to Windows Vista for accepting print job from Windows XP.


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