DNS issue - Windows 2008

I have a email server which is situated inside the network.

Outside the network, there is a DNS records mail.example.co.uk which points to the external ip address which is routed to the internal server. Let's say is the DNS and the server sits on the network internally at

When inside the network, I need the DNS given to users to resolve to instead.

On my Windows 2008 server, I created a zone for example.co.uk. and entered the record for mail.example.co.uk pointing to

that works fine, but now users cannot access anything else at the domain example.co.uk.

I asssu,e the client machine questions the DNS server internally, and this cannot resolve as it does not hold the records.

Is there a way I can tell the Windows 2008 DNS server where the mail.example.co.uk server is internally, and then tell it to look outside for any other queries fro the example.co.uk. domian. Or is there another confederation?
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Brian HarringtonConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
Your zone should be for the mail.domain.co.uk, not domain.co.uk.
Add forwarder (the external ip)  at dns wizard

or set 2nd alternative  dns in IP wizard as the external address .
KashConnect With a Mentor 2nd Line EngineerCommented:
you need to add DNS records for that.

on your DNS server, go to DNS panel and in example.co.uk create A record which points to mail.example.internal(if thats whats it called) internal and external IP addresses(mail.example.co.uk).

so if you do a lookup from inside your, ideally, it should reply back with internal IP address and if you do it from outside, the external IP.
Syed_M_UsmanSystem AdministratorCommented:

for example you have a domain name yourdomain.com.uk.... and you have a email server in your network mail.yourdomain.com.uk

once you take any domain from any domain provider,, the company will give you management portal to manage your domain and dns. ideally you should create one A record in yourdomain.com and in the ip field put your wan ip so Globally your mail.domain.com will be published. in this case your domain provider will manage your external dns.+... you dont have to create any dns entry in your internal network.
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