How do I get rid of water stains in wooden floor?

Posted on 2012-03-15
Last Modified: 2012-04-06
I had a pot plant carelessly placed directly on my wooden floor without anything in between. Now there is a stain in the wood from moisture underneath the plant. How do I get rid of this? I will be moving some time in the next months, and I would like to not have the landlord charge me for this damage if I could fix it somehow.
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ha is  good place to answer everthing!

If  it is not dirt water , then use hair dryer to blow it until it evapouraze.
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One way to remove white water stains from wood is to use a hot iron on a smoothly-textured, lint-free cloth placed over the stain, iron very briefly (seconds), lift the cloth, and repeat until stain is gone.

Other things to try:

If the stain is set in, you can try polishing with an oil-based furniture polish and see if that removes the mark. Try to use a cloth that won't leave any lint behind, and when buffing, always go with the grain.

Toothpaste is supposed to work wonders on water-stain removal. Apply a small amount of toothpaste - the non-gel kind, to a damp, clean cloth and gently rub into the water stain. Wipe toothpaste off with a clean, dry cloth and polish as you normally would.

A paste of baking soda and water. Gently rub paste into the stain and leave on for a half-hour or so. Remove the paste with a clean dry cloth and polish with your choice of furniture polish.

A paste of salt and cooking oil. Rub this paste into the stain and wait about fifteen or twenty minutes. After that amount of time, wipe off the paste with a clean, dry cloth and polish as usual.

Apply a coat of mayonnaise over the stain and let sit over night. The next morning, wipe off with a clean, dry cloth and polish with furniture polish.

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First you should specify what type of wooden floor do you have.
Different surfaces are treated different - sometimes easy, sometimes is difficult and some of the methods will only help you to "ameliorate" the spot, meaning will be light color but stiil visible.
If is just simple wood without any treatment/paint/lacquer on the surface then after is dried you may also use fine sandpaper.
If the floor is a nice parquet (hard wood) is painted with lacquer you have to remake the surface.
So, depends how is the surface of your floor and what type of floor do you have: just simple wood or laminate or parquet...

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It is just simple wood. It is not laminate or parquet, but it is painted with something, so it has a surface I would have to reacreate.
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If is painted and you use chemicals you should expect to affect that paint anyway. It is not a must, but may be possible.
When I left my last flat I remade some surfaces, not on the floor but doors for example.
If is not expensive I would try to repaint.
Is it clear paint or has a color?

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Some kind of clear paint, you can see the wood underneath clearly. But it is still clear that it is treated with something.
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I had a cousin painter(artist). He had all kind of paint and lacquers. He use to make his own frames.
Years before he worked as a simple carpenter – all kind of work with wood.
Sometimes I worked with him small things and he taught me  about painting – general, not artistic.
What I remember is the correction that he used to make when something was wrong at the clear paint, the lacquer on the wood frames.
He use to give thin layers, one at the time, then wait to dry. Then using sandpaper (different  roughness) and then again lacquer until he obtain the quality he wanted.
Unfortunately he died at age of 54 few years ago.
What I would  do in your place: I would try the chemical solutions proposed by others above  and if is not working then try sandpaper. Anyway I would be prepared for a small local repaint with floor lacquer – you need to ask local what type was used initial.
Good luck!
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Since it's posted in puzzles and riddles where we have to think out of the box how about using a blowtorch to set fire to the floor?

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ha ha, I haven't been able to remove the stain yet...
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Removing Water Stains from Wood Floors

Sometimes, though, water gets down deeper into the wood of your floor and creates a deeper stain that can be black or white depending on the type of wood.  This kind of stain requires a bit more effort to remove because it is a deeper stain. However there are steps that you can take to remove even this type of type of flaw to your wood floors.

The first step to removing deeper stains is to mask off the area around the stain so that the non-stained areas are protected.

Next, remove the old finish and or wax and then use oxalic acid to remove the stain

and bring back the original color of the wood.  Once the area is dry, simply re-stain or seal it to match the surrounding floor.  With some care and attention to detail, removing water stains from wood floors can be relatively simple.
You needed a foil, ceramic or clay pot-dish underneath.

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