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How to set variable in javascript from url and POST variable?

Hi Experts,

1. How to set variable in javascript from url?
2. How to set variable in javascript from POST variable?

For example:
I have my url: and POST cache_id = 180

I want to set my variable myproductid to 87 and mycacheid to 180.

<script language="javascript">
	var myproductid = 0;
	var mycacheid = 0;
	function savedata()
		var query = $.ajax({
			type: "POST",
			cache: false,
			url: "<?php echo site_url('/product/additem'); ?>",
			dataType: 'json',
			data: { productid: myproductid, cacheid: mycacheid},
			success: function(theresponse) {
				alert("ID: " + myproductid + "CACHE: " + myproductid);							
			error: function() {
				$("#response").html("AJAX request failed.");

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Any suggestions?

Thanks before.
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are these variable values same that you are setting in your Ajax call, or you are receiving them as Ajax response?
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Both variables come from a different page. I want to initiate the variable in javascript before i make ajax call.
what do you mean by 'different page'?
if you are able to use the value in Ajax call, there is no reason that you can't put that in a javascript variable.

Just tell me from where you are getting these values and in what format (which line of code?).
My 'different page' is a product list: I want to edit a product with id = 87, so when I clicked the link, it pointed me to

I want to make sure that I can retrieve the productid (87) from url before I make update by ajax call to my product's table.
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Gurvinder Pal Singh
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var url = "";

var productId = url.substring(url.lastIndexOf("/")+1);
My url is not in variable. How to get url value using javascript?
just the way you are getting it now

var url = "<?php echo site_url('/product/additem'); ?>";
var url = "<?php echo site_url('/product/additem'); ?>";
I can't set like this way, because my page haven't know yet what productid will be set.
your page will know by the time it is loaded into the browser.

Otherwise you need to tell me that from where i will get the information
Any javascript code to retrieve url instead php?
which URL? current one?

You can get current url using
var url = location.href;