Why are the US and Israel so close?

I mean really... they are within a region with which we are at war (or close to) with a bunch of other countries around that area... yet we declare Israel as our BFF all the time. Why? What history is there that makes us so close with them, and why does it continue to this day?
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many people still believe Israel is Gods nation...
TymetwisterAuthor Commented:
So it's a religious thing? And barry that webpage was a little TLDR for me; I started to read it but I was just looking for a clear cut answer within a few sentences or a paragraph or two maybe.
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Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
The clear answer is very simple

The guys who fund the President's campaigns are big supporters

Funding for both sides is received mostly from big banks (jp morgan, bank of america..etc.)
oil companies (texeco, exxon mobile, bp..etc.)

JP Morgan is the worlds second or 3rd largest bank : CEO is DAVID ROCKEFELLER
AND his brother is Head of the board of the 1st largest in the world Bank of America

Below are some of the worlds companies which are also owned by them.
If you look at the list of the candidate's funding and supporters, notice who donates how much to their campaign. They in turn must be grateful for being picked as president and are therefore puppets to the respect of their new bought owners.

Obama is a Muslim but cannot help the Muslims even if he wanted to. and this is just why.

Though the money comes from many different banks and companies and whatnot, the unofficial decree comes from way higher than that company's CEO. It comes from the owners,: Read below to see who owns it.

In addition, there are shares held in trust by the Rockefeller banks, insurance companies, universities and other groups whose boards of directors and trustees are interlocked with the Rockefellers.

And yet, incredibly, oil is not even the Rockefellers' biggest business. That honor is reserved for international banking. The Rockefeller family banks are the First National City Bank and the Chase Manhattan Bank. The Chase Manhattan is the third largest banking establishment in the world; and while only number three', it is by far the most influential.

The largest bank in the world is Bank of America in California, inventor of the bank credit card, Bank Americard, which now has 39 million cardholders worldwide. Bank of America became a giant through branch banking in California, where it has over 1,000 offices. Until recently, however, when it linked is overseas operations with the Rothschilds of Europe, the Bank of America lacked international horsepower. Now it too has joined the internationalists' crusade for World Government.

Chase Manhattan was created by the union of the Rockefeller-owned Chase Bank with the Kuhn, Loeb controlled Manhattan Bank. The marriage has been a huge success for both families; in 1971 Chase Manhattan claimed $36 billion in assets. This is impressive enough, but the New York Times has pointed out that it is not the whole story:

As for oil companies

The Rockefeller family control over these banks and insurance companies gives them leverage over the economy that goes far beyond their direct ownership.

There are several ways in which the Rockefeller Clan controls vast segments of the economy. The first is through the stockholding of the families in the group. Five % ownership of a widely-held public corporation, according to a 1974 report by the Senate Banking Committee, is considered tantamount to control, especially if your name is Rockefeller. But if we consider only those firms where the Rockefellers own twice that much stock, or have five % of the stock plus two or more toplevel management positions, we can put the following companies in the column controlled by the Rockefellers. (The 1975 asset-size rating by Fortune magazine is indicated in parenthesis.)

Exxon (1),
Mobil Oil (5),
Standard of California (6),
Standard of Indiana (13),
International Harvester (26),
Inland Steel (78),
Marathon Oil (60),
Quaker Oats (163),
Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel (194),
Freeport Sulphur, and
International Basic Economy Corporation.

Corporations which are probably under the control of the Rockefellers~ through financial institutions, trust departments or foundation ownership of stock, include the following (with the 1975 Fortune rating in parenthesis):

IBM (9),
Mobil (5),
Texaco (4),
IT & T (10),
Westinghouse (19),
Boeing (39),
International Paper (56),
Minnesota Mining & Manufacturing (59),
Sperry Rand (70),
Xerox (41),
National Cash Register (97),
National Steel (64),
American Home Products (92),
Pfizer (130),
Avon (159), and
Merck (1.52).

But wait, there's more! Still wonder if the Rockefellers have amassed a dangerous amount of power? Consider that just the transportation companies under Rockefeller influence (with 1975 Fortune ranking for transportation corporations noted in parenthesis) are as follows:

Perm Central (T3),
TWA (T1),
Eastern Airlines (T8),
United Airlines (T2),
National Airlines (T26),
Delta (T13),
Braniff (T19),
Northwest Airlines (T18), and
Consolidated Freightways (T17).

Other major corporations in which the Rockefellers have significant influence, either director indirect, but not enough to prove working control, are:

AT & T (U1),
Motorola (149),
Safeway (R-2),
Honeywell (68),
General Foods (58),
Hewlett-Packard (225), and
Burlington Industries (86).

Yet another manner in which the Rockefellers can exert significant control over corporations is through loans.

There are plenty more companies, if you want to read more follow the links on the bottom.

As history states and you will find this in many books and unlimited internet sources, the first rich Rockefeller made his fortune from borrowing money from the Rothchild family. Ever since, they Rockefellers and the jews have been closely tied.

This is why USA will NEVER war Israel, because though we are a Christian country, it is run by zionists behind the scenes

TymetwisterAuthor Commented:
esskay, so it's a money thing? I thought we were the ones giving "foreign aid" to Israel, not the other way around?

The short answer is the the US and Israel share a Western style culture and values, as well as strategic military objectives -- that are not shared with Israel's neighbors.  For additional US support of Israel, we have certain Christian sects that believe Israel must survive as one of the last steps toward their end-of-time theology -- the messiah's "second-coming" and the final battle between good and evil.  

The reasoning behind my comments, below, to esskayb2d is what I said above -- that their are a predominance of major powers and interests in the US that dwarf the relatively tiny percentage of the so called "zionists."


"This is why USA will NEVER war Israel, because though we are a Christian country, it is run by zionists behind the scenes."  

You conclude with the above statement, after going on and on about the Rockefeller family, the big banks and the oil companies (many of which have an anti-Jewish, anti-Zionist history).  Moreover, your conclusion makes no sense, because it does not follow from what you said.

Suggestion:  If you want to present us with a conclusion that can be intelligently argued, debated, refuted or agreed with then than provide us with some facts that logically and reasonably support your conclusion.  And please give something in your own words with your own conclusion, so we don't have to mine a website to get what you are trying to say.

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Anthony RussoCommented:
We have common enemies and they are our only safe haven in a volatile region of the world that is too important to ignore because of the natural resource that is predominate there (oil).

If you have to go into the fire to get the gold, it's good to have a safe spot to rest nearby.
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
It is a very deep history and fairly confusing as there are many 'theories' and lots of truth is covered and unexposed such as the paid Pro-Putin parade earlier this month where most people there have been payed off as usual to participate his accent to presidency.

 True there are many anti Semite actions, and indeed they had collaborated with powers which caused world wars before, but the outcomes have always been for the same reasons. Money.

As Napoleon once nicely put it, "The winner writes the history"
I am not here to bring up a conclusion, just to give you guys some things to think about before you come to your own conclusions.
Hi esskayb2d.

"just to give you guys some things to think about before you come to your own conclusions."

In these forums there is an expectation by the askers and the participants that members try to answer the asker's question, which is "Why are the US and Israel so close?"   If you have something new to add that is short, and in your own words and in answer to the thread question, then the participants could either argue, agree or debate it with you.  I already addressed your earlier posting in that regard.

Simply declaring that "Obama is a Muslim" doesn't answer the question, and it is not true.  If you want to try something else (that you can support), either I or another member would probably discuss it with you.
TymetwisterAuthor Commented:
You guys have brought up a lot of good points, and I can see why its important for the US to have Israel as a major ally in that region. I guess what I'm wondering, and maybe how I should've worded it initially, is HOW they got so close?  I can see we have a lot in common, but was there some single event that happened that the US said, hey, we're in love Israel, now. I guess that's the heart of what I am wondering about.
Ess KayEntrapenuerCommented:
I think my post can tell you about how U.S. and Israel are close.

It is a heavy political region. All trade on land between Eurasia and Africa have to go through there. It also separates the Arab countries into two bodies
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