iTunes will not run

I have trouble with iTunes
iTunes will not start: it apparently opens, the music library is all listed, but nothing is selectable, nothing can be done from that point.  Cannot close it.  Have to invoke task manager to end it (Task Manager reports that it is not responding).
Computer is Dell XPS 8300, i7 processor,  OS is Windows 7 64bit.
I have tried re-installing, does not fix the problem. Following other EE published suggestions, tried re-installing from a new account set up for this purpose, does not fix it.
The problem has got to this stage without any clear event that might have caused the failure.  When originally loaded 4 months ago it did work, but always seemed very unstable, crashing many times during normal operation, with Windows reporting that iTunes has stopped working, and is seeking a solution to the problem (it never succeeded). This has always limited its usefulness, but I did get my old iTunes library and media transferred from old XP computer, and the iPod Touch synced after a bit of grief .
Some applications have been installed since iTunes was installed, which is all I can think of.  It has been updated once since initial install (to v but that did not seem to affect this problems progression
Example of odd symptom. I could add a short movie (~1 minute) to the library, but trying to add a 6 minute move crashed iTunes.  This was repeatable ad nauseum.  I think both movies were same technically, having come from same application/source.
PS: I just tried opening iTunes again: it got as far asking me if I wanted to download v10.6 (I declined), then started of downloading some tunes from iTunes store (previously purchased from the iPod) then crashed part way through that download (“iTunes has stopped working correctly, the program will be stopped, Windows is seeking a solution and will notify you is it finds one”).  
I have an iPod touch which has now lost its “umbilical cord”.  
Can you help me? Is there any known incompatibility with Win7?
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First of all I would update to the latest version.
Secondly, with regard to not being able to edit playlists... there is a setting in there, going off memory here but its something like "manually manage my playlists" that is selectable and will allow you to edit/change your songs.

A third thought is to run a malware scanning program such as malwarebytes to check for any type of malware that might be interfering. And possibly run a registry cleaner such as regmechanic or ccleaner (back up reg first) to ensure it's not a registry conflict that's interfering.
Sikhumbuzo NtsadaIT AdministrationCommented:
It sounds like your PC has problems if you were able to synchronise on another computer.
Run windows updates, then update your iTunes.
Suggest you COMPLETELY uninstall, and then reinstall:

Uninstall all your iTunes related software IN THIS ORDER:

iTunes, then Quicktime, then Apple Software Update, then Apple Mobile Product Support, then Bonjour, then Apple Application Support

You may have to reboot a couple of times during this process.

Then, download and install the latest version.

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Geoff1000Author Commented:
Thanks for your suggestions.  I have taken note of all suggestions and have done the following over several days.

1.      Ran Windows update and installed the latest version of iTunes as suggested by Santasi24 (I uninstalled from “Programs and Features “and reinstalled using a separate account ),  This got iTunes to run, but I used it for a while and it still had serious stability issues, “stopping working properly” many times, mainly during  downloading a tune from the iTunes Shop.  However I could, with considerable annoyance, get by.

2.      Ran the check for Malware using “Malwarebytes” and got an clean result.

3.      Followed the suggestion of Akahan and completely uninstalled all Apple software in the order advised, and reinstalled.  Then ran stability checks by using iTunes in similar ways to 1. above.  
This time stability was greatly improved, with many music downloads being successful first time.  Syncs of iPod also went successfully, and updating the iPod Touch IOS from IOS 5 to IOS 5.2 was successful at first attempt.  Did have a cluster of crashes but have forgotten what I was doing at the time of most, except for one, had a crash during downloading an album of 21 tunes, suggesting downloading from the iTunes store is an issue.  This is as good as it has ever been, although does still crash occasionally.

4.      Ran CCleaner as suggested by Tymetwister. There were some leftover things removed. Am now embarking on stability testing similar to above, and have had a crash (“iTunes has stopped working”) during second music download. Not sure if stability has been improved any more yet.

Is this order of instability what I should expect from the current  state of iTunes and Windows 7?  I note from EE database that others have difficulties. Having said that, Word 2010 occasionally crashes also, and I have just discovered it seems to happen when iTunes is running. I need to investigate this more (might be since running  CCleaner as have not noticed before, but then iTunes did not run. Maybe roll back to earlier registry).  
However on the main problem,  is there anything else I should try, or could this just be  the current state of iTunes/Win7 for me?
iTunes should be rock solid on Windows 7.  Since you're having trouble with other programs as well, I suspect your Win 7 installation rather than iTunes.

You might want to try a Win 7 repair.  Likely everything will
run more smoothly afterward:
Geoff1000Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion.  My comment about other programs crashing (like Word 2010) may have given the wrong perspective.  Crashes were fairly rare and were almost confined to iTunes.  I did have a very frustrasting cluster of crashes of Word as I was preparing my previous response, and perversely it seemed to be linked to iTunes being running. This prompted my comment. Fortunately since re-booting that trouble seemed to clear up and given the generally low incidence of such problems (including, now, iTunes) as well as it being a new computer with applications only recently installed so its a bit surprising to me to be faced with possible corruption so soon, I will park your suggestion until I have time (or more stimulation) to follow that procedure, and sign off this query as fundamentally solved. Thank you all.
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