Save and Edit Video from web site

There is a video posted on that I have been asked to include on the web site of the local distributor. Only trouble is that I need to edit out the last few seconds of the video that refer to the manufacturer. I just want to drop it, not replace it. The owner of the web site has given permission but the Video manufacturer doesn't want to release the video so I can do it, he wants me to pay him to do it.

Can anyone tell me if there is any way I can save the file as an mpeg or some other format that I can edit with software I already have and then I will just save it on You Tube and put on the local distributor's web site.

BTW if I am in the wrong area please let me know as I have no idea where to post this question
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Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
I've never used this.
Rob4077Author Commented:
Thanks for your suggestion.

I downloaded the software but the free version would only allow me to save the download as an MP3 so I bought it.

After loading the registration key I tried it but it would still not save the video content. I have contacted the supplier to see if they can help me and expect a reply by next week sometime.

I will post the outcome when I hear. If it works I will award points, otherwise I will leave the question open.
Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
I've used something to convert to mp3s from web video, it was a link from that site that took me to the switchvid one. It certainly says in the advert that it will convert to mp4.

Looking around I found several questions from people who were experiencing problems with getting only audio from mp4 files in Adobe.

One reply said he has success by changing the file extension from .mp4 to .mov. It can't hurt to try I suppose, but probably more likely he had a badly named .mov file to start with.
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I just tested it using youtube downloader professional
It will save the file as an mp4 or of my own choice since I bought youtube down loader.
The free version should work.
 r/click this video and copy video url which is this and paste it into the Youtube downloader
and click on download

Normally it doesn't download these types of flash but it did this time, so I'll show you

looking at the video which part did you wish to remove the audio since the video itself reflects the same message written across the screen is the URL web page and the phone number.
If you don't want to disclose this I would simply cut off the that bit
That is easy to do, you can use windows live movie maker and cut that end bit off.
Or your own tools, simply put the file on and mark in and mark out that bit and delete it
YTD in progressFile downloaded complete

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I dropped your clip onto windows live movie maker then at the top video tools> edit video> set the start point and by clicking the spot in the video with my mouse for start and then click on set end point
it puts a thin line where you want to start this cut once you click on the set end point it moves out that piece and leaves a thin line at the end, minus this piece.,
I then tested it in the player by dragging this line back a litle hit play and where I set the end time the piece after the magnetic doors switch is now gone.
Confirmed by looking at the time showing on the media player for this video it now reflects about 6 minutes 41 secs instead of 7 minutes 34 secs so I have cut off 1 minute or so.
Then save it if you like or
you can then go directly to file publish to youtube
 Set start and set end pointpublish to youtube
Rob4077Author Commented:
Hi RobinD, when I downloaded the file using switchvid it simply came up with ERROR and didn't save anything. I sent a message to Switchvid and they replied that they had tried it and it had worked and asked for details of the settings I used. I haven't heard back yet but it is a weekend. I will see if they reply by Monday.

In the meantime, Merete, I tried your approach and it worked perfectly first time. I have trimmed the end off the video including the last section where he speaks with the web address under it and it will do. I was hoping to be able to better edit it using Pinnacle Studio 10 on my old computer but Studio 10 won't open the file. Obviously a 2006 version of Studio 10 is too old to handle this file format. Anyway, although its a little less than perfect, because I don't know how to edit the bottom half of the last scene and put in my own final slide with the local web address it will do.

Thanks for your help. I will leave the question open until, and if, I get a reply from Switchvid in case anyone else has an interest in this subject.
Hi Rob Pinnacle Studio should cope with this fine however until you can get it recognise the mp4 your stuck
so here's how to fix that, personally I would just install this klite pack full..
 install the k-lite codec pack that should add the right filters so that Pinnacle will support mp4
or 2nd option
 install this for Pinnacle
pinnacle studio 10 plugin f r mp4

Which windows do you have?
you say >> you don't how to edit the bottom half of the last scene and put in my own final slide with the local web address
Drop the cut version of the clip onto your video time line in Pinnacle
This new piece is it a small clip or just an image?
If it is a clip drop that one on as well then save them as an avi or mpg etc this will merge them.
If it is just an image and you need to extend the viewing time of the image my trick is to make the image into a small video by capturing it.
side job>make an image into a video clip:
 load it into a media player and press play> pause it so that image stays there then capture that region of the screen for about 10 secs using cam studio
save as avi, you now have a video of your image
(2) then drop that new avi on alongside with the cut clip onto the Pinnacle video time line and then save as mpg or avi or whatever you wish so that they are merged as one then upload to youtube
If you have windows 7 you can use WLMM to append the clip and publish to youtube.
I am familiar with Pinnacle but nolonger have a copy of it on my windows 7.

How to make a movie in Pinnacle 10

If needed
Using Camstudio to Screen Record Video Tutorials
Rob4077Author Commented:
Hi RobinD,

After waiting 3 days and providing all the information Switchvid asked for I never got any further information from them so I sent an email asking them to refund my payment as I assumed they could not fix the problem. They never replied at all and just refunded my money so I assume they acknowledge that their product will not do the job

Rob4077Author Commented:
Hi Merete, and thanks for your help.
1. I will update my Pinnacle with the codecs you suggested. Hopefully that will enable me to edit the file.
2. I have Windows 7 on one machine and XP on the other. The one with Pinnacle is the XP
3. thank you very much for the instructions on how to do the merge. Using the instructions you originally provided I have simply replaced the last scene with a slide and reinstated the original audio over the top so I still have the audio but I just lose the last scene. For now that will do and I will try to reinstate the last scene and superimpose the new web address on the bottom when I get a little more time.

Thank you so very much for your help.
Thibault St john Cholmondeley-ffeatherstonehaugh the 2ndCommented:
I'm glad you had your money refunded and happy that Merete found you a suitable solution.
Thanks for the feedback, it's good to know how a question is developing.
Rob4077Author Commented:
Thanks for your effort and suggestion. Sorry I had to allocate all points to Merete but it was her answer that led me to a solution. Thanks again
Great to hear Rob, that they refunded you,
Indeed xp requires this Klite pack and should solve the problem of the video not being identified,  mp4 uses a special compression and xp always required that klite codec pack.
If you follow the same principal of adding your clip/s onto the video time line that will merge them when you export them, no need to overlay etc.
But sounds like you have a good handle on things now.
If you need more assistance just come back.
Always a pleasure to help.
Rob4077Author Commented:
Thanks again.
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