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Cisco 2801 Copy Flash Card

I had a flashcard in my 2801 go corrupt.  TAC sent me a new one.
I need to get a bootable image on this %$*@ card!!  Xmodem, tftpdnld, nothing has worked.  I am told it is uber-easy to do with a working 2801, so OK, tell me how that works!

I have a working 2801 in another building.  Do I shut it off, pull the flash, put mine in, and boot up?  Doesn't make sense.  But I'm willing to try anything....
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You could try copying the working one to the new one using a card reader on a PC.

But you should be able to boot with it in the existing router, and it should ask you to do a basic config.  Once you config it, you should be able to tftp etc with no issues.
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If the router has sufficent bootflash to hold the IOS image, put the new card in a functioning router and copy bootflash:<filename> disk0: (or slot):

This will walk you though the process.

Another way I've done in the past is:

1) Remove the card from the functioning router (do NOT turn the router off).
2) Insert the card into the new router.
3) Power on the new router.
4) Once the new router has booted up, remove the card and reinstall it in the functioning router.

From that point on you can put the new flash card in the new router, configure the router and and copy the IOS from a TFTP server to the new flash card.
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Don, this doesn't harm EITHER router or FLASH card?  I thought Cisco didn't like people swapping the flash with them running?  Or am I thinking of something else?
Some line and feature cards shouldn't be removed when running. But flash cards are fine.
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Well I did this yesterday, and when I re-inserted the flash card in the running router, it hanged....SO I had to reboot it!  Kind of ugly, it was the router with my ISDN card.  No one seemed to notice!

Also, when I had my NEW router up, I went into setup, gave it an IP and all that, then tried the 'copy tftp' stuff, but noticed the router was sending out the OLD IP addy (from the working router).  SO I rebooted, and wound up right back at rommon!!   Funny, but frustrating!!

So, get the new router up with the flash card from the working router.  then what?  remove the flash card, put in the new bare bones one, and maybe do a 'wr mem' to at least save my new params?

Just looking for a little more assistance!
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Hey Don, yes the existing flash card has an IOS image on it.
And the new router DOES boot up, decompresses the flash image, all that.

But how do I copy that image back onto my NEW flash card?  

Thank you!
Once you have the blank flash card in a working router, "copy tftp flash". You will be prompted for the IP address of the TFTP server and the filename.
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I'm giving up.  Back to TAC and their uselessness.

Blank card, "copy tftp flash", the tftp download never starts.  Times out.  I can ping the tftp server and the tftp server can ping the router.  'tftpdnld' in rommon gets to 73% and times out, everytime.

Someone told me I could put the image on a USB flash drive and plug it into the 2801, but that doesn't do anything either.
I've never done the USB trick. But it requires a later firmware (I don't know which one).

What TFTP server are you using? Many TFTP servers have problems once the file gets past 10Mb or so.
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You're right, the USB thing does require a firmware update.  Which I don't want to attempt, since I can't even get this thing done, lol!

I have been trying with tftpd32, and using another router as a TFTP server.  Now I'm going to try spicework's solution....
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TAC is going to replace the whole router, lol!   Even they agree it shouldn't be this difficult at all, so who knows....
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Thanks for all the help and sticking with me!