Slow connect using VPN with Company Severs

Can anyone explain to me what I need to check with wither my VPN or SBS 2003 server in order to diagnose what my remote users are calling a slow (snail pace network). My user are connect in hotels either in the US or Canada or Mexico and they say that regardless if they connect via wireless or cable (100Mps) with our VPN it still take a long time to access the company drives and also our company database which is in .SQL.

How can I on my end diagnose this issue to determine what the next action is. Maybe the VPN that is built into the SBS 2003 package is not the best solution if that's the case does anyone have a "free" alternative.

Thanks in advance
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What speed is your internet connetion?  up and down.  your internet upload speed is almost always the issue with slow VPN's
make sure you have the same speed and duplex set at both ends of VPN connection.
cmdolcetAuthor Commented:
oh sorry we are using a dedicated T1 line
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T1 is about 1.500Mbps is that correct?  how long does it take to open a 5mb file over the vpn?

on a T1 this should be 35 - 45 seconds.
You can test your speed at any of several Broadband sites.
Here is on I use often:
cmdolcetAuthor Commented:
OK I ran the speed test from my office which is inside the company and I got a 1.19Mbps for download and 1.37 mbps upload. Both are well inside the specs of the T1 line. Now I can test how long it will open over the VPN however can I test the speeds im getting over the VPN.

If they are slow what choices do I have to improve the speeds?
Second T1 for starters.  You didn't say how many users accessing??
We have 100 users connected to a AT&T WAN which requires minimum 2 T1s
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
Consider this:

Inside the building, the network speed is AT LEAST 100Mbps and likely today 1,000Mbps.
Even if that's not exactly the speed one would get on a file transfer it's still going to be high.

People are used to these speeds.
Now hook them up to a 1.5Mbps link and guess what?  They think it's slow.  And, really, they are correct because it's at least 67 times slower than they are used to.  Exact numbers aside, I think you get the idea.

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cmdolcetAuthor Commented:
We only have about 2 users access the VPN and they may not always access it at the same time
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