Setting up exchange 2010 on sbs 2011

I have setup sbs 2011. and Dell pro help has confirmed that it is setup correctly.  server software found an error by running check network wizard and fixed it.  Port mapping for sending email hadn't been setup.  I don't know why that is or how to check for that.

I have static ip address and have setup a record pointing to the ip address of my router and port forwarded port 25 to local ip address.  I have had at&t create reverse ip address for the public ip address of my router.

My server name is exchange.  the domain is  The local domain is samuelscompany.local.  

The work stations connect to the exchange server.  Email goes and comes from the server.  I haven't changed the mx record yet, still letting old hosted exchange server function.

But I thought that I should be able to send email out.  I have tried, but the email never gets to its destination.

Are there any clues here as to what I have done wrong.

Or do I have to wait until I change the mx record?

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Elmar KoschkaSenior System EngineerCommented:
You run the "Connect to Internet Wizzard" without errors ?

What says
toppropsAuthor Commented:
yes ran connet internet without errors
toppropsAuthor Commented:
is there some where to look on server for error messages about outgoing email.  or a way to test smtp sending.
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Elmar KoschkaSenior System EngineerCommented:
via telnet:

telnet mailserver 25

toppropsAuthor Commented:
I can telnet into server from local computer.

I have used to test server.  I get the following response.

220 remote.samuelscompany.local Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Thu, 15 Mar 2012 09:20:14 -0700
 OK - resolves to
 Warning - Reverse DNS does not match SMTP Banner
 Supports TLS.
 0 seconds - Good on Connection time
 Not an open relay.
 5.304 seconds - Warning on Transaction time

this is a test on my public ip address since I haven't changed mx record yet

but I get connect failed if I telnet from my home computer  could not open connection to the host on port 25
telnet 25
Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
If you have your MX records set to talk to Hosted Exchange, there's a good chance that the email from your server is getting blocked by reverse DNS spam filters. One common spam filtering technique is to run a reverse DNS lookup on the email address domain and see if the sending server matches that domain. If it doesn't, the mail is often dropped.
toppropsAuthor Commented:
I set up reverse dns with at&t.  but the banner doesn't match what ever that means.  see response from mxtoolbox above
Adam BrownSr Solutions ArchitectCommented:
The SMTP banner is the domain name that is set up on the Send/Receive connector. If you go to Server Config/Hub Transport, open your Receive connectors and set the FQDN to match your External DNS info. Do the same for send connectors under Organization Config\Hub Transport. And your home connection might actually be blocking port 25. It's not uncommon for residential ISPs to block that port. I'm able to get to it from my work location without issues.
You should be able to send from this box before you throw the MX record.

How is your send connector set up?

Exchange Management Console > Organization Configuration > Hub Transport

Then go to the Send Connector tab.  Right click on the default and select properties.

You should have it configured to use the Domain Name System.    Is that set up?
toppropsAuthor Commented:
yes send connector set to use dns.  

mail is still not getting to recipient.

and I setup in receive connector

I can telnet in from computers outside office.  just not my home computer.
toppropsAuthor Commented:
I'm trying to send email to my home computer but my mail server is in england somewhere
toppropsAuthor Commented:
I think it is a dns problem.  but I can get to websites so I dns must be working just not for email sending
toppropsAuthor Commented:
I still get warning about reverse lookup smtp banner not matching
I think it's your reverse DNS.   Many organizations will not accept email from you if it is not set up properly.

Try setting up a SmartHost using an account on your ISP.   This will fix the reverse DNS issue.

You'll do it from the same Window where you're telling the computer to use DNS.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
If your server isn't authorized to send mail and/or doesn't have an MX record defined, the receiving mail server (whoever runs that) may have decided to ignore your message/treat it as spam since it appears to be coming from a fake source.  Create an MX record for your server with a higher priority (with MX records, the lowest number is the "primary" server) and adjust your SPF record if you have one (and if you don't look into creating one).  And try sending to other accounts on different mail systems - example, if you've been testing with your gmail account, ask a neighbor (business) with their own server if you can send them a message.  Try Yahoo, Hotmail, or another provider.  They don't ALL use the same rules... but as it is, messages you're sending from the server probably look suspicious until you completely configure it to be your mail server.
toppropsAuthor Commented:
That is what I did.  I have mx record set to 100.

but thanks.  I solved the problem by running the wizards again.  And I'm not sure this mattered, but I had two routers one from at&t and a stand along netgear router.  I set the at&t netopia router to bridge mode.  then reran the wizards and the problem was solved.  so I don't know if changing the router helped or if it was just an internal problem in sbs 2011.  I didnt see it do anything different on the new running of wizards.



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toppropsAuthor Commented:
because I solved problem with help of Dell pro support rather than the advice here.  though the advice here was also helpful.
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