Server hang when connecting to Internet

It seems ever once in a while my server just hangs and doesn;t let anyone on my network connect to the internet. Before yesterday everything was working, however when I came in this morning no one in the network could connect to the Internet. I went on the server and tried myself to launch a browser to see if I could get on. It would just "hang" and take forever and never would allow me to load a page.

I did notice in my process screen that my .SQL was running really high and so too was the store (see attached screen shot 2.png) It seems that both process are running high.

To resolve the problem I rebooted the server and everything seems to be fine now. However I really would like a little more diagnose steps to determine the issue

Thanks in advance.
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did you get anything in event viewer it will still be there even after the reboot
If some processes consume your server resources ; then server doesn't respond to requests and will discard requests. Did you limit database resource usage in your SQL server ? it will eat up memory as much as it can if you don't put a limit.
Please try the following:

1. Check your proxy settings under Internet explorer

You can do this by :

Start -> Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Connections -> Lan Settings
Check if the Use a proxy has a check in it.

2. Open a command prompt and ping
Server 2008 SBS : Start -> Search -> Command Prompt -> ping -t
Server 2003 SBS : Start -> Run -> type "cmd" -> ping -t

Let us know the results.
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Here is a good article to diagnose SQL performance problems:

I would also recommend that you use the performance monitor to monitor the SQL processes so you can get a bigger picture of what is happening. Here is a good article for this:
WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
1. next time you have slow internet do a nslookup and see if there is a delay resolving site names.  

2. if you're running SBS2008 run dcdiag /test:dns and post the results.

3. on the server run ipconfig /flushdns and try connecting to sites again.

4. on workstations run ipconfig /flushdns then ipconfig /registerdns see if you can access internet faster.

4. check scope options in DHCP, open DHCP expand IPv4, scope and right click on Scope Options verify 003 Router => correct IP, 006 DNS Server => correct IP, 015 DNS Domain Name => domain.local

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WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
May be a good idea to let us know what SBS you're running. Have you run the connect to internet wizard, doesn't hurt to run this if you're experiencing problems like your explaining. SBS loves the built in wizards.
cmdolcetAuthor Commented:
WORKS2011, just a follow- up with the hung IR connection in our network and on the server. I ran the connect to Internet Wizard and running the wizard did not resolve anything (All it does when IE or any browser is launch is sit and spin, this is the same with the client PC). I did do a ping from the server and the ping ( responded.

All I ever do is I restart the server and it seems to fix the issue.

Anymore insight would be helpful

I have seen this before its normally a registry problem or ie problem you can try installing ie again as it could be corrupted
cmdolcetAuthor Commented:
OK I can try that. But the IE hangs on the server IE and also all Client PC's, so would I need to reload all the client PC's IE also?

It seems everything works again after a reboot
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