Utility needed to rebuild Outlook autocomplete .NK2 file

I am looking for a utility that will automatically rebuid the Outlook autocomplete .NK2 file by pulling email addresses out of past emails.

I've heard that the best utility for doing this is found at this web address: http://nk2.emenems.net/.

The problem is that the http://nk2.emenems.net/ website is currently down.

Is there another website I can go to download this utility or what other utilities are available that will do this?
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Ah, love this utility.  Interesting though that I had a different link. http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/outlook_nk2_edit.html.  I'm not sure what (if) the difference is.
These links are not working.


Can anyone please suggest me the same tool that can create new NK2 file from Outlook sent folder ?

Many Thanks
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