IIS 6 ASP Classic Response,request and session error 8002801d

I am on Windows Server 2003 for Small Business.

I receive the following error:

error '8002801d'

/Pqts/Validate.asp, line 7

Following are the VBScript:

<% Option Explicit

'on error resume next%>


Response.Buffer=true         'this is line 7

Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"  'this is line 8

Response.AddHeader "Pragma", "no-cache"  'line 9

Response.Expires = -1            'line 10

session.timeout=120          'line 11

Dim UserID, UserPassed, UserRole     'line 13

Dim Pwd                                            'line 14

UserID= trim(Request.Form("UID"))     'line 16

Response.Write err.number                 'line 18



If I comment out line 7 line 8 throws the same error and each following line wil throw the error except the two line with the Dim statements until you get to Response.Write that will work.

I have reinstalled IIS6 and made sure that the 'ACTIVE SERVER PAGES' are allowed.

I have tried reregisterin the asp.dll.

There is a 'logon.asp' page that does not contain any vbscript and that works fine.

 If I use the ON ERROR RESUME NEXT and response.write err.number --> -2147319779
but no other err values have information.

And the friendly error message has been turned off.
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Have a look at:

there is an issue with some component somewhere in your code.   It could very well be a corrupted install of windows.

Do you have access to another server?  If so, can you test the same code on that one?
You will need to reinstall iis
iron001Author Commented:
Thanks for the replies!

sammySeltzer - I have already reinstalled IIS6.0 several times.

kevp75 - Have already looked at both the web sites.

There are on Server.CreateObject any where on the page.

The Windows Server 2003 has been running for years and I have created several websites.
Something may have happened to the OS but I have no idea what it would have been.

I only have the one server.

What I have done is created a new folder under wwwroot created the page validate.asp and put the following lines of code in it:

<% Option Explicit

'on error resume next

Response.Buffer=true         'this is line 4

Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"  'this is line5

Response.AddHeader "Pragma", "no-cache"  'line 6

Response.Expires = -1            'line 7

session.timeout=120          'line 8

Dim UserID, UserPassed, UserRole     'line 10

Dim Pwd                                            'line 11

UserID= trim(Request.Form("UID"))     'line 13

Response.Write err.number                 'line 15

I have made sure there is no global.asa file in wwwroot.

Then in IE I type in http://localhost/test/validate.asp and

I still get the following error message on the screen:

error '8002801d'

/Pqts/Validate.asp, line 4

The only lines that do not throw the error are the lines with the Dim statements and the Response.Write.

And the Response.Write Err.number is  -2147319779
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Please post ALL the code and let's take a look
iron001Author Commented:
I have posted ALL the code that is on the new wwwroot/test/validate.asp. I did a copy paste.
I don't know what you are trying to accomplish with this but I don't see anything wrong with it.

<% Option Explicit

'on error resume next

Response.Buffer=true         'this is line 4

Response.CacheControl = "no-cache"  'this is line5

Response.AddHeader "Pragma", "no-cache"  'line 6

Response.Expires = -1            'line 7

session.timeout=120          'line 8

Dim UserID, UserPassed, UserRole     'line 10

Dim Pwd                                            'line 11

UserID= trim(Request.Form("UID"))     'line 13

Response.Write err.number                 'line 15

If err.number > 0 then
 response.write "We have a problem here"
 response.write "<br><br> I do not see any issues here"
end if

Open in new window

What OS are you running this on?

It even works on my iis5.1
iron001Author Commented:
This was code that was at the top of a page. Is was running just fine until the other day and then I started receiving this error message. To narrow down where the error message was coming from I copied this code to a new asp page in a new folder and ran it. So the error message is also being thrown from this new code.

This is happening on all of my websites.

I am running on Windows Server 2003 for Small Business.

I think that either a setting in IIS 6.0 has changed or a file has been corrupted but I really have no idea.
If that's the only code you are using to do whatever, then consider first uninstalling iis and then reinstalling.

I ran same code just now, just to confirm there is nothing wrong with it and it ran just fine.

So, no part of that code is causing any problems for you.
iron001Author Commented:
I as mentioned earlier I have already uninstalled and re-installed IIS several times.
When you :uninstall: IIS frmot he control panel, it does not uninstall everything.   http://www.uninstalltips.com/iis-6-uninstaller-how-to-uninstall-iis-6-entirely/

Can you try IIS7.5 Express?

The issue is NOT in your code.  In fact, there is NOTHING wrong with your code at all.   The issue is IIS itself.

Merely uninstalling does not remove all the registry entries, and configuration files.   So I suggest you use something like the software in the top link, or something like Advanced System Care to clean everything out for you...  otherwise you will have to search through your registry and clean up the left behind entries (thank you M$)
Just out of curiousity, did you enable (allow) asp?
iron001Author Commented:
sammySeltzer - Unless enabling/allowing asp is not the same as:

"I have reinstalled IIS6 and made sure that the 'ACTIVE SERVER PAGES' are allowed."

Then I have not done that. Please let me know where/how to enable asp.
IIS6 comes asp enabled out of the box.

Besides that, you already stated some of the code does indeed work.

IIS7 usually does not, unless you configure it when you install the role on the server.
iron001Author Commented:

I was unable to figure out how to work Perfect Uninstaller but I did use Revo uninstaller to uninstall IIS 6.0 and its folders then used a registry cleaner to remove any leftover objects.

Then I re-installed IIS 6.0 to no avail.

Then I downloaded and installed IIS 7.5 Express and the website seems to be working. For me this is just a temporary work around.
Everything I am seeing leads to some .dll file that is not registered on your server.  This could very well have hapenned during a windows update (gee thanks M$).

The best I can do (short of telling you to format and reinstall windows), is to make sure all the .dll's are registered.

vbscript.dll, msvcrt.dll, scrrun.dll


There could also be a permissions issue going on with the windows registry.  See if IUSR_ has access to HKCR\TypeLib

Is  the .asp extension enabled and server-side objects allowed?    Just to be sure man, double check IIS, (right click the computer in IIS, check Web Service Extensions)
iron001Author Commented:
I have tried everything that has been suggested at least a couple of times. I am down to the conclusion that to resolve this issue I am going to have to re-install everything, something I do not have time to do right now.

Since I have a work around and the fact that in a couple of months I will be getting a new server and a new version of Windows, partly thanks to this issue. I am going to leave things as they are and hope nothing else happens.

I would have preferred to find a fix to this issue but the work around may get me through until my upgrades. Therefore I will give kevp75 have the points for giving me that work around.

Thanks kevp75!

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iron001Author Commented:
Solution was just a work around.
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Windows Server 2003

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