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Htaccess code for 301 redirect of all images in image folder to other domain


A cartoonist friend is moving a portion of his site to another domain.

He currently has lots of fans who are linking to his cartoons  (animated gifs) from places such as facebook, etc.

He doesn't want to have any of the images on his current domain, so -- if possible -- I want to put a htaccess file in his image directory pointing (310??) to an image folder in his  other domain -- where I will move the images to.  I will delete all of the images in the old domain image folder.

Is this possible with htaccess?


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Yes, you would use a redirect with a match.
The problem is that whether it is redirected or accessed on the current domain the viewer will not know the difference. Eventually this domain will have to be let go so all those who link tote images will have an issue either way the question, whether it is now or later.
You are better off catching all hits on the old domain with a php page that pops up a message and then redirects after a few seconds.  Something like "This page has moved from to, please update any links and bookmarks you used to access the site.   You will automatically be redirected in 15 seconds if this does not happen please click here."
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Thanks for the comments.

The ideal solution for reasons beyond the scope of this question is the images must be moved to a different domain.

Currently thousands of visitors have  IMG links to his cartoons.   He doesn't want the IMG links to be broken.  

So it is not just a matter of redirecting a visitor to a new page, I am trying to prevent broken image IMG  links (not text links) from showing up all over the net on my friends fan pages (facebook, myspace, blogs, etc.)

Arnold, what is a "redirect with a match"  And can you give an example.

Is is an htaccess with a wildcard saying that all images in this folder on this domain are now in this new domain and folder" -- and thus preventing a broken image?

Note:  My friend will be keeping his "old" domain -- he just needs the images in his image folder to  be moved to new domain.  The images in his image folder will be deleted on his old domain.  The only thing that will be in his old image folder would be the single htaccess file -- assuming that it will work as I hope.  

Ideally the htaccess solution will have a wild card in it so that I don't have to list each of the images.  


<img src="" alt="flower">

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Above is an example of the code that is on fan sites all over the internet.

There is no  way to contact the thousands of fans -- so that is why I want to do the htaccess.   To prevent the broken image.

The images would be deleted from and would be stored instead at http://

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Hi Arnold,

The old domain cannot be combined with the new domain because my friend will be keeping the old domain-- but with totally new content on it.

I will do a test now, with an htaccess file in the old image folder

redirectmatch ^/images/(.*) http://$1

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Should I put the above htacacess file in the image folder ?  Or add it to the root htaccess file>

Yes, in the images folder you would create a .htaccess file with the below directive.
Make sure the permissions on the .htaccess is 644 read/write owner, read group and read others.
also you have a space in the http:// www which should not be there which looks it came from my example

redirectmatch ^/images/(.*)$1

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You could add it to the top, but it will be queried for every access rather than only when it actually hits images.
Thanks Arnold,

I put the htaccess file in the image folder and it works perfectly.