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hi, I have a client with Windows 2003 AD network and their domain name is called
right now their mobile phones connect to Exchange server via A record pointer to a external FQDN name of Exchange server tha thappens to be something like
Please note that their AD domain name is different then their email\website domain name. So when phones ore on corporate Wifi they are trying to connect to external IP. I would lke to create a record in internal DNS server (located on Win2003 DC) so they go directly to internal IP. Something like pointing to internal IP instead of external IP.
Any time I create an A record or Cname it only allows me to create record - part of Fuly Qualified domain record. How do I go around it, similar to host file. Host file works only for one computer, I need to enforce this host record for all devices on the network.
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172pilotSteveConnect With a Mentor Commented:
AHH....  one other thing you COULD try..  Wish I had thought of this before...  

Just tried it and it works GREAT...

Create a new zone, named for the whole hostname you're trying to override, for example,, then inside that domain, create a new "A" record with no host name, pointing to the internal address.  it will show up as hostname "Same as parent folder".  Then, it will override ONLY for that host (or subdomains of the host, so) but it will still go to the external server for the rest of the "" domain.

I just tested by making a zone called "" and created a host record pointing to and if I ping "" I get while if I ping, it still goes to the normal google site..

That should work GREAT for you, and is an easy solution for a one-off situation where you dont want to recreate a whole zone...

If there's a LOT of hosts you need to redirect, you'd still be better off creating the whole zone, otherwise there's just too much to manage.

Good luck!

create new zone instead of A record in your dns server
Create an A record for, Internal clients will append the "" DNS suffix, which will turn "" into "", which should resolve to the internal IP.
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mavrukinAuthor Commented:
: micropc1 - Internal clients will append the "" DNS suffix? How do you get them to do this?
mavrukinAuthor Commented:
dipesm - I looked at new Zone, this might cause problems, as is their real domain. they will not be able to open their website, not sure what esle. I would have to create bunch of records in DNS. Potential problems.
Depending on your setup you may need to deploy this setting via a group policy object. You can set it on an individual PC by going to Control Panel -> Network Connections -> Local Area Connection Properties -> IPv4 Properties -> Advanced -> DNS and checking the box that says 'Append these DNS Suffixes' and adding your DNS suffixes to the search order list.

Follow these instructions to configure a GPO with these settings...
I agree with the original concept of creating a new zone with the name of the external domain, and then creating an A record that points to the INTERNAL address of the desired host.  You're exactly right that you're going to have to pretty much duplicate everything that's in the externally facing DNS zone so that they can get to it internally, but that is a very common thing to do - Having different dns "views" from inside and outside...

The best way to do this quickly and easily, is to create your new zone file as a SECONDARY, pointing at the external DNS server as it's primary..  You'll have to have the public facing DNS server configured to allow zone transfers to you, but what you'll end up with is a copy of everything in the external zone, then you can just change the IP address of ONLY the A records that you need to point to internal addresses.  All the rest of the addresses will point to the same thing that the outside server has...
mavrukinAuthor Commented:
Thank you, great solution. Just what I needed. This way I don't have to deal with Zone record recreation.
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