Text wrapping issue with INTERNET EXPLORER 8x

I have a website that displays flawlessly on the various Thunderbird, Chrome & Safari browsers but good old IE8 has some word wrapping issues.

I'll post a link to the page for you to see. The problematic browser is version 8.0.6x, and possibly others.

Can someone please assist with a fix for this problem.
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LZ1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm seeing a span injected in IE only. In FF, Chrome and Safari there isn't an additional span. The weird thing is, this is only happening in the developer tools.  

I'm not sure why this is happening, but you may want to look at some of your JS to debug.

With that being said, try adding display:block to the span. Since span is not a block-level element it will run on as it needs. Setting the display:block to the span will help it behave.

Try this:
.rt-article-bg h2.title span{display:block;}

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TonyCaboneAuthor Commented:
Here's the problem page:

Notice the word wrapping on some of the red headings.
Try adding: word-wrap: break-word; to the h2
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TonyCabone--A Quick glance looks fine on IE9 although I do get the Compatibility View icon in the task bar which usually meant the coding is not quite what IE standards want.
TonyCaboneAuthor Commented:
OK the break word stops the overlap but breaks the word 'INFRASTRUCTURE' into 2.

What CSS is needed to stop this from happening?
TonyCaboneAuthor Commented:
OK thanks however that doesn't really relate to the problem we're experiencing.

I did however note that W3C says 'Property word-wrap doesn't exist : break-word'

Surely there is a way to make a simple heading display correctly?

I've added an IE Warning to the web page, but this is less than ideal.
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