Good movie making software

Anyone know of any good free software for making movies.  Tried windows movie maker but it just sits there with broken links.

wiould like to put together either existing videos such as my child soccer games, or taking clips from web and making political commentary videos.

thanks in advance.
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iMovie. :)

Seriously though...if you don't have a Mac I've heard good things about Adobe Premiere Elements.|22180|3.0%20adobe%20elements%20premier||S|b|8526145754
Not everyone has a spare $300 or $400 dollars for movie making using Adobe Products
Adobe is very expensive and includes tons of components and not easy to learn for the home video levels.

Which windows do you have jjackson
Windows 7?or XP
No video editing will run efficiently if the system is too small so lets clear that up first.
Post back your windows  version and your system specs, ie Laptop PC how much ram what video card then I can help with that.
Windows Live movie maker is excellent to make home video need help with it?
I can do that.
WLMM is not available on XP however so you would have WMM 2 in XP??

If you just want to join some clips without any special editing add a menue and chapters and burn to DVD then I highly recommend  DVD Flick

Your main comment >Tried windows movie maker but it just sits there with broken links.<
Broken links?? please explain

Adobe Premiere Elements is $99 - not $300 or $400 - and not difficult to learn. They have a trial version you can download to try before you buy.
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jjackson2004Author Commented:
I have xp, win 7 professional and Linux that I can run it on.  My everyday computer is win 7 pro 64 bit  toshiba laptop with 4GB memory.

I will try to post situation I ran into on WMM later when I have more time.

jjackson2004Author Commented:
For WMM, it seemed straight forward.  I went and chose the clips that I wanted to put together and it just sat there with little red x's if I remember correctly.  And it did nothing when I pressed the play button for each clip.

This is from memory.  I will confirm later
thanks jjackson,
red x's,  
It would seem the .mswmm project files don't include copies of the source
files.. since it only records the path to the originals...if the original files are
no longer available you will see the Red Xs.
This also applies using any authoring tool that a project was created from,
if the source files the original files are moved the project files are nolonger valid.
Once you burn them to DVD they are intact but in a project stage you need to keep all your files used in your project until burnt to dvd

lets use your windows 7 far better than xp, also I'm on windows 7 and use WLMM. I can go over to my XP would prefer WLMM over WMM2
do you have Windows Live Essentials: Movie Maker

here is the windows live Essentials suite
You can install just a few of these programs or all of Windows Live Essentials.
Windows Live Essentials includes
 Windows Live Messenger, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Mail, Writer, Family Safety, Windows Live Mesh, Bing Bar, Messenger Companion, Microsoft Silverlight, and Outlook Connector Pack (Microsoft Outlook Hotmail Connector and Social Connector Provider for Windows Live Messenger).
Okay back to you

@micropc1, Adobe is a brilliant suite of  tools don't get me wrong there, however from my experience you cannot do much with the trials and only one component of the Adobe suite hense where I was heading with the costs.

For thje benefit of  jjackson, depending on your needs,
As for good movie maker software, that has several categories,
there is a tool for editing video with a video time line where you add in various clips then add effects/transitions/music and sub titles etc and save as a project, this is before authoring to DVD
 the authoring tools which take a project already finished finalises to a DVD  and add in chapters and main titles and encodes to vobs ifo and bup files.
 besides WLMM and WMM2 << does both
Adobe also does both so long as you have all the components
 DVD Flick<< mainly used to combine and burn ( author to dvd) includes the ability to make chapters and a title using themes.No effects though transitions.

There is also Cyberlink Power Director does all of it not free I paid over 140 dollars for this tool
Nero Vision in Nero burning suite does it all I paid over 300 dollars Australia for this suite
Roxio Cinema in a dvd burning suite does it all< dont like it
LG burning suite.<< came with my DVD burner
avs4you not free
there is many many tools for making movies so it depends on your needs and your budget
Look first to your DVD burner
Most DVD authoring tools bundle with the DVD burner

2012 Best Video Editing Software Comparisons and Reviews

cheers matey

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jjackson2004Author Commented:
The files were on an external hard drive that was connected at the time, as I just chose the files from that hard drive so I am not sure that this refers to my situation, unless WMM does not like the delay associated with external hard drives.
This is so true
I keep all my files on USB drives  as well especially video and for the purposes of editing I copy them to a temp folder on my desktop
jjackson2004Author Commented:
still checking out the current suggestions.  Thanks.
Hi jj you must have tried by now, using WLMM is really simple.
Any progress. If you need help making movie using your clips and images?
jjackson2004Author Commented:
Thanks again for all the assistance.  Still not finished with my current project.  This one is next so this will stay open a little longer so that I can finally have some feedback
Sure not a problem.
jjackson2004Author Commented:
jjackson2004Author Commented:
jjackson2004Author Commented:
Time to give it a try.
I'm here to help :)
only depending on our time frames. I'm in Australia
jjackson2004Author Commented:
Thanks again
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