windows media player jumps tracks

I'm running Windows 7 on a Lenovo IdeaPad.
A couple days ago, Windows Media Player started behaving funny. Every so often, when a song is about halfway done, (or more), it all of the sudden jumps to the next track.
Why could this be?
LVL 10
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Are these files local, or on another device... such as a shared drive from another computer, or a media server?

If they're local, is it the same file[s] doing it every time?
Close all apps and then run this fixit

Reboot computer and check.

etech0Author Commented:
Darr247: They're all on the main hard disk. It's not always the same files - it happens pretty often, to random files, and sometimes the same files will not do it.

ded9: I'll give it a try...
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etech0Author Commented:
ded9: I tried running the fix-it, and every time it tells me that windows media player is running, and I need to close it. However, windows media player is not running, and even logging off and logging back on did not stop the error from persisting.
Restart computer and then try running the fixit...can also launch task manager and end the media player process ....after that run the fixit.

etech0Author Commented:
There was no media player process. I restarted, and ran the fixit. It did some stuff, and now the problem happens less often, but still happens. (Instead of happening every other track, it's more like one in ten.)
What kind of anti-virus are you running?

If you temporarily disable the AV, do they still skip?
User profile might be corrupted....create a new user account in control panel...reboot login under the new user account and check.

etech0Author Commented:
I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials.
etech0Author Commented:
When I disable mse it still happens, but a little less frequently.
if you select a single track to play does the track complete without the skip or jump

 if you play the same track as part of a pre made play list or as a potential new play list,
(i.e. a collection of random songs not yet saved as a play list, save the list as a playlist then try again
Sourcing the net this guy seemed to resolve his problem by updating his realtek audio drivers and disabled the enhancements
Music skips in Windows Media Player 12
etech0Author Commented:
The new user does not have this issue. What does that mean?
One track - no issues.
A potential playlist - it still jumps.
Puzzling for sure
 out of ideas, if the new user is ok maybe the only option?
Or save your play lists.
What causes it
at a guess maybe in the area of not enough power?
As in system resources available to pull lots of media files,
also are they all mp3 or mixed music with video?
Why not try using AIMP and see if you get the same results,
AIMP has tabbed playlists as well which is cool if you like to listen various different genre.
WMP is dodgy piece of programming since it's Microsoft core, so anything you drop onto a MS program will seek out if it's legal unless you disable all this in the preferences,
it will connect to the internet and look up the tags pictures DRM  composer etc.
It gets pretty busy in the background
It would be interesting to know
 I'd try a few different players
Test in VLC as well.

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etech0Author Commented:
Thanks for all your answers. I'm too busy right now to get to them, but I will try them out, and if the issue persists, I'll repost.
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