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How do I open an Excel form via Ctrl+[some other key]


I'm watching this great tutorial on how to create a Watch Window with VBA.  The instructor says he's assigned Ctrl+W to open the form, but he doesn't explain how he did that.  I have no idea how to open a form in Excel.

Can anyone help?


Link to tutorial on YouTube:

Microsoft Excel

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Frank Sellers

8/22/2022 - Mon
Saqib Husain

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Martin Liss

Ctrl+W doesn't open your form, it opens the Watch Window. If you'd like to know more about Debugging then you might want to read my Debugging article. It's aimed at VB6 but it's valid for VBA.
Frank Sellers

Hello MartinLiss - Thanks for the info, but the instructor in the YouTube video says he's somehow assigned Ctrl+W to open his customized Watch Window in lieu of Excel's built-in Watch Window.  I didn't even know Excel HAD a watch window (I'm far from an expert, which is why I need help) so that's good to know.  Still, I like this cusomized Watch Window better than the standard one.
Martin Liss

Can you post a picture of the customized watch window?
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Rory Archibald

If you look about 8:25 into the video, Bill shows the ShowForm routine he uses to show the actual Watch Box form. You simply need to assign a shortcut key to that as saqibh already indicated.
Frank Sellers

Thanks for your info, rorya.  How do I assign a shortcut key to this routine?
Rory Archibald

Using the steps saqibh posted above. ;)
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Frank Sellers

MartinLiss - Attached is a screen shot of my form.  Nobody answering me so far seems to understand that I can't figure out how to open any form in Excel - it's like it's a big secret - let alone assign this opening command to a key combination.
Martin Liss

ssaqibh's answer is correct and here's more explanation.

Create this macro

Sub Macro1()
End Sub

Then do Tools|Macro|Macros and you will see the screen on the left. Select the new macro, click Options and you can assign a letter in the screen on the right.
Macro options
Frank Sellers

Sorry I missed this solution before I continued seeking an answer.  Thanks to everyone for your help - it works perfectly!
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