The kernel power manager initiated a shutdown transition

we are running SBS 2011 standard on our network and the server shutsdown every week. The domain only has one server 2000 which is the main dc and runs all roles. SBS 2011 is only added to the network as normal file server and not a dc.

I get the following events in event manager.

The process C:\Windows\system32\silsvc.exe (SYSPROSQL) has initiated the shutdown of computer SYSPROSQL on behalf of user NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM for the following reason: Legacy API shutdown
 Reason Code: 0x80070000
 Shutdown Type: shutdown
 Comment: Licensing Compliance Service caused a shutdown. Please look at the events under Microsoft > Windows > Server Infrastructure Licensing > Operational for details.

and the other one:

- System

  - Provider

   [ Name]  Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
   [ Guid]  {331C3B3A-2005-44C2-AC5E-77220C37D6B4}
   EventID 109
   Version 0
   Level 4
   Task 103
   Opcode 0
   Keywords 0x8000000000000004
  - TimeCreated

   [ SystemTime]  2012-03-15T05:11:47.133207200Z
   EventRecordID 136033
  - Execution

   [ ProcessID]  488
   [ ThreadID]  492
   Channel System
   Computer SYSPROSQL.cms.local

- EventData

  ShutdownActionType 4
  ShutdownEventCode 0
  ShutdownReason 0

and the other event id:

The FSMO Role Check detected a condition in your environment that is out of compliance with the licensing policy. The Management Server must hold the primary domain controller and domain naming master Active Directory roles. Please move the Active Directory roles to the Management Server now.
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This page refers to SBS 2008 but I would guess it is the same issue:

Seems your current configuration is not valid.  So either mess around trying to fudge it or get yourself a valid (and therefore correctly licensed) solution.
SchoemansAuthor Commented:
We bought the server with 35 CALS. Server is able to see the DNS server. Server has 1TB free space and 16GB memory. I have seen on the forum that many have tried changing the new SBS 2011 to host all 5 FSMO roles but this doesn't normally solve the problem but add more problems to the current problem.
As per above, I do not think your configuration is valid.

This thread is refering to SBS 2003 but I think the issues are the same:

A few selected quotes:
"As Andrew says, SBS doesn't mix with others, as far as I am aware you can only have 1 SBS server in the forest, and that's it, no other DC's or Domains allowed."

"SBS allows other DC's to be added to the domain. However, SBS cannot be added to an existing domain."

"MS's view is that if you need more than one DC then you're not a small business and therefore can buy a full blown version of Windows 2003."

Did you buy your software via an OEM?  Can you discuss with the vendor?  Alternatively you should contact MS via the normal channels.

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