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Seeking Oracle Tools to Schedule SQL scripts

I am currently running Oracle EE on Sun OS 5.10 Sun box and need a tool to schedule SQL script jobs to run against the database at night, weekly, monthly and quarterly.    I want then the output to save automatically to csv or txt and possibly PDF.   I am spending too much time trying to run reports after hours when I know there must be something out there that will allow me to automate this process and allow me to get some sleep.  If possible, I  can then securely email and/or SFTP the output file as well.  Any ideas, thoughts or suggestions?  I would run this tool from my Windows workstation or server.  I am basically looking for a solution to do all of the above with minimal human intervention.

I need this right away.

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Have you tried using crontab to schedule a certain script to run at night time ?

But then you would need to code such script in order to output the report in a manner that suits you best.

I've done such job in the past on a mysql database (i'm pretty sure it's doable in oracle also) that was running a query format the output as XML format and then email it to me. The XML would be then processed with BI publisher and exported as PDF - minimal human interaction.

You would require basic bash scripting (script would run on your sunos machine) and awk. BI publisher installed.

I'll try to find the scripts i've coded and get back to you - not sure if i can still find then tho. Maybe they will give you an idea/concept on how to approach this.
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I am not fimilar with bash scripting, so that's why I was looking for an Oracle or third-party tool that would do this for me.  Even if that means several tools to accomplish everything.  I would  also perfer to not run on the database server if at all possible.  You know what I mean??
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Here is the problem.   I have never used and/or tried cronjobs, created database jobs or the DBMS_Scheduler.   This will require for me to learn, which I don't have the time with all my responsibilites.   Unfortunately, I am the only Oracle person and I am a jack of all trade with many hats and a small IT department.  I am the only one creating the various Oracle reports and emailing them to upper management.   The weekly reports take me about 45 minutes to run and the monthly/quarterly reports take approximate 2-3 hours in all.   This is why I was hoping for a tool that would do this all for me on a schedule.   I will in essence just put my script and bingo there is goes.. lol...   I will start looking at the links you provided, but I do need something quick with a short learning curve.  I do appreciate again your quick response.
try this application monitor from manage engine

it takes 20 minutes to install and 1 minute per database
If you're too busy to learn on the job, perhaps one of us can be hired to do this for you......  But a tool to meet your specifications -- to my knowledge it does not exist.
dvz does have a point there.
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Lol.. Thanks guy.   I guess I will start this evening and hit books over the weekend, since there are no tools that will do it for me.
depends on what reports you want ...
Probably custom financial reports :)