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Is there a software tool available that converts raw .xml codes into html files using AJAX/JavaScript as the programming code?
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Pierre FrançoisSenior consultantCommented:
Yes, the XSLT tools do that kind of conversion from XML into HTML a.o., and you can call it from AJAX and javascript.

You have an example here: http://www.learn-ajax-tutorial.com/Xslt.cfm
jj1103Author Commented:
I mean a software tool like Dreamweaver and Altova that makes it really easy to parse XML files into dynamic html so that the html will always display the xml as an external document. I'm looking for a recommended GUI application.
Pierre FrançoisSenior consultantCommented:
What do you mean "parse XML"? With a program or looking at it?

If you only want to inspect the XML file as HTML, I suppose you want to see the source of your XML file with a browser.

That can be achieved by any browser like Firefox: when you point your Firefox browser to any XML file having no style sheet defined, you see the XML code, with neat indentation. Is that what you want?
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jj1103Author Commented:
No, I want to find a program that will display xml code in an orderly fashion in an html file.
Pierre FrançoisSenior consultantCommented:
So if I understand you correctly, you have an XML file containing v.gr.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
  <display>Hello world</display>

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And you look for a program to transform it into:

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/html4/loose.dtd">
  <title>XML content</title>
  <p>&lt;?xml version="1.0"?&gt;
   &lt;display&gt;Hello world&lt;/display&gt;

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Other question: The program you are looking for, does it have to be a graphic user interface program (GUI), or can it be a command line program (CLI)? I am asking this because you were speaking about AJAX and Javascript above, but what you are explaining now seems something different.

Or do you need to make a website showing XML code? In that case, which tools do you have for building that website? Static or dynamic ones?
jj1103Author Commented:
Your first example is more what I mean. I am looking for a program like XMLspy that produces HTML files that display the contents in an XML file. Right now I am doing this by hand line by line using JavaScript/AJAX.  I had a trial version of XMLspy but it was too complicated for the simple pages I was building. These HTML files should be able to read off the XML file each time the HTML file is opened. There must be a simple program out there (like Dreamweaver for example) that is easy to use and can do what I currently do by hand.
Pierre FrançoisSenior consultantCommented:
Dreamweaver is just a WYSIWYG HTML editor. So, I understand your problem is to create HTML pages showing pieces of XML code.

First choose a HTML editor. Why pay for Dreamweave when KompoZer or Amaya do the job?

The trick is to copy the XML code and to paste it into your HTML page, making it clear it is preformatted text.

I installed KompoZer five minutes ago. I created an empty HTML page, copied the XML piece of code above and tadaa!, the trick is to copy the XML code and to paste it into your HTML page, making it clear it is preformatted text.

So: just COPY and PASTE with KompoZer.

You can download KompoZer from this link: http://kompozer.net/download.php
jj1103Author Commented:
Thank-you all for your responses. I'm going to close this question. It seems there isn't a tool out there that does what I need. Thank you for your suggestions. I looked at Kompozer and it doesn't mention XML.  I need a program that does the AJAX for me and formats and displays XML dynamically so it reads off the xml file like an include.

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jj1103Author Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

Accepted answer: 0 points for jj1103's comment #37746619
Assisted answer: 500 points for pfrancois's comment #37731167

for the following reason:

Although Kompozer didn't mention XML in the features, pfrancois's recommendation introduced me to a free program similar to Dreamweaver that I can play around with...so thanks.
Pierre FrançoisSenior consultantCommented:
Objection: as far as I understand, the author wants to convert XML into HTML in such a way that the HTML is showing the internal structure of XML.

He is speaking about an AJAX tool for doing that, but there is absolutely no need to implement some AJAX Javascript. He just has to copy the XML SOURCE and to paste it into the WYSIWYG HTML editor (not into the HTML source, but the layout view) and he gets what he wants.

This is so trivial that it will never appear as "feature of the HTML editor".
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