Outlook 2003 not displaying email addresses in inbox

I have an outlook 2003 connected to sbs 2003 - in the inbox in the 'From' field it displays the display name of the sending email address which is right, i want to be able to see the email address as well. I added the 'Email account' field to the inbox columns but that just shows 'Microsoft Exchange Server' for every message.
I have seen on the Internet various people asking the same question - there must be a way to do it i would have thought?
Interestingly, Outlook 2010 connected to Exchange 2007 does display the senders email address when you add that field?

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I've done a bit of reading and everything I've seen points to you needing to add a custom configuration file.  There are several out on the web that you can try but I've found two that include easy step-by-step instructions in addition to the download file.

"Show sender’s e-mail address as a column in message view"
at http://www.howto-outlook.com/howto/viewsenderaddress.htm.  

"Adding Extended MAPI Fields to Outlook" at http://www.slipstick.com/exchange/adding-extended-mapi-fields-to-outlook/#install.

I hope they help.
Ask you Your Exchange administrator to change your display name to include your email address.
activateahsdAuthor Commented:
sorry you have misunderstood - i am talking about all the email that arrives in my inbox, not my email display name.
Hi activateahsd,

Any update on your issue?
activateahsdAuthor Commented:
Hi - not yet, i havent had a chance to try your solution as the user is not available currently. Hopefully it will be soon though.. :)
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