Hi All,

I have been tasked to setup a tftp server on a 6509 switch and also to upgrade one other 6509 from that tftp server.

Please I want someone to run me through how to carry out this two tasks.
Thanks for respond to this request.
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I will have to check.  I don't think that a 6500 can be a tftp server.  It can use a tftp server to get a new IOS loaded or to load a config file.  But I don't think it can be one.

You would have to get the IOS image from the other 6500 on to another computer, setup a tftp server on that computer, then load onto the 2nd 6500.
lawrencedadaAuthor Commented:
Thanks giltjr,  I was searching on the internet and came accross this

Configure Cisco Router as a TFTP Server
Router#configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
Router(config) #tftp-server flash: c3845-advipservicesk9-mz.124-3i.bin
Router(config) #end

I am confused, does this says tftp server flash AND the image will be c3845-advipservicesk9-mz.124-3i.bin.

How is this going to be loaded into another 3845 switch.
Craig BeckCommented:
What you've found describes how you set up the 6500 as a TFTP server, and make the suggested file (flash:c3845-advipservicesk9-mz.124-3i.bin) available for download by TFTP clients, such as the other 6500 switch.

This usually applies to procedures such as upgrading Content Switch Modules, but might actually work to supply a file to an external device via TFTP.  However, I've never done it.  I prefer to have a TFTP server located on a PC or server.
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Can you point us to that example?

As craigebeck stated, I have seen that for CSM only.  In fact IIRC it was for 6500's running CatOS. Not IOS, but I've never wanted to use a 6500 as a tftp server.
Did a few searches on my own and found a few references of doing this.  This is what is great about EE, everybody learns.  Now, I doubt if I will ever need this, but at least I now know it can be done.

As for the process.  Well the commands you found is how to setup the 6500 as a tftp server.

How to upgrade the other switch, just follow the normal procedure for upgrading a 6500 from a ftp server.  The process does not change based on the type of sftp server you are getting the image from.

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lawrencedadaAuthor Commented:

Thanks  guys for look at this for me.

could you please have a look at the attached.

My next question is which image is the client router using.
lawrencedadaAuthor Commented:
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