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I have a form with a submit button.
The submit button runs code that pulls information from the form to create a url.  
Application.FollowHyperlink "http://server3/alert/phone.aspx/SendTTS?msg=This is building" & Me.Ctl1Building & ". " & Me.Ctl1Area & ".  We have " & Me.Ctl1Assigned & " Personnel Assigned. There are " & Me.Ctl1Accounted_For & ". Personnel Present. " & "&numbers=1324657980&callerID=1234567890&user=callme&pass=callme"

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The trouble is that if any of the fields contain an "&" sign, the code drops from that point, and I only get a partial report.  

To fix this, before executing this code, I want to search all the fields for an "&" and remove it if it exists.  Can it be done?

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Simon BallChief information OfficerCommented:
field = replace(field,"&","")

chec in help for the replace paramaters... it has start position, and replace all instances too..

so you can start at the nth character and replace 1st, or all instaces of & with ""
Simon BallChief information OfficerCommented:
or just use replace(...) in the concat string.
TIgerVAuthor Commented:
Where do I put that?
Also- Isn't there a command to NOT ALLOW that key?
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Build the hyperlink in a variable *First*, ...then do follow hyperlink...

Dim strMyHyperLink as string

strMyHyperLink ="http://server3/alert/phone.aspx/SendTTS?msg=This is building" & Me.Ctl1Building & ". " & Me.Ctl1Area & ".  We have " & Me.Ctl1Assigned & " Personnel Assigned. There are " & Me.Ctl1Accounted_For & ". Personnel Present. " & "&numbers=1324657980&callerID=1234567890&user=callme&pass=callme"

Application.FollowHyperlink strMyHyperLink

Instead of removing the ampersands, encode them to URI standards.  

There are two choices:
* Change all "&" with "&"
* Change all "&" with "%26"
TIgerVAuthor Commented:
The problem is that if one of the fields contains an "&", it breaks up the API input.  I need to remove any "&" sign within the fields before making the URL.
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
did you try my suggestion?
TIgerVAuthor Commented:
Your suggestion does not solve the issue of too many "&" signs.
did you to the %26 conversion?
Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
..works fine for me...
TIgerVAuthor Commented:
The API does not accept %26, only a real "&".
have you tried repeating the ampersand character?

(like we do when we need a quote character inside a quoted string)
This will replace all the ampersand characters with space characters.

Application.FollowHyperlink "http://server3/alert/phone.aspx/SendTTS?msg=This is building" & Replace(Me.Ctl1Building, "&"," ") & ". " & Replace(Me.Ctl1Area, "&"," ") & ".  We have " & Replace(Me.Ctl1Assigned, "&"," ") & " Personnel Assigned. There are " & Replace(Me.Ctl1Accounted_For, "&"," ") & ". Personnel Present. " & "&numbers=1324657980&callerID=1234567890&user=callme&pass=callme"

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