My Excel 2010 Paste Options have Disappeared

My paste options have disappeared in Excel 2010.  My laptop crashed earlier this week.  I just finished re-installing Windows 7, clean installation.  I re-installed Office 2010 and started working on a simple spreadsheet from the default spreadsheet.  I started a column for numbering the lines.  Instead of fill, I just started the column with 1, =1+A1 on the next line and then I normally just copy the formula down as far as I need to.  But, when I paste, the only option to paste is “Keep Text Only”.  Normally there are a dozen options.  I read some threads, tried the registry change, tried the reset to defaults, but I still did not have paste options.  So, I did an Office repair.  I opened that spreadsheet this morning, tried copy and it worked, for a while.  I can no longer paste formulas in this spreadsheet.  I tried a default spreadsheet, but paste does not work.  I tried an old legacy spreadsheet thinking there may be something I did to the spreadsheet, but paste does not work on the legacy spreadsheet either.  Our customizations include font, template location, default save location and some quick access bar changes.  I did not have this problem before the crash.  I will greatly appreciate any help you can give me!  I am trying to assemble tax information!  Thanks!
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please post a screen shot
The option to copy should be available. If it is not your template that's messed up, and Office repair did not catch it, I would go straight to uninstalling, rebooting, and reinstalling.

Do these same problems occur when you start Excel in Safe Mode?
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe" /Safe
Or Excel.exe /Safe
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R. Andrew KoffronCommented:
To add to bluemeln's comment, if the problems go away when you start Excel in Safe Mode, turn off all add-ins. Close Excel and open in normal mode. If the problems are gone, an add-in is causing them. Now add them back on one by one until you have found the offending add-in (source:
JebidiehAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your input.  I tried using Excel in safe mode, but the paste options do not work in safe mode either.  I should have mentioned earlier that the Advanced Options for Cut, Paste and Copy are all checked.

I attached two screenshots showing the paste options.

Thanks again for your help!
JebidiehAuthor Commented:
I just learned that the paste options are not working in Word either.
JebidiehAuthor Commented:
I tried checking Excel Add Ins in and then checking them back out.  The Paste options still do not work.
Saqib Husain, SyedEngineerCommented:
Where are the screenshots?
JebidiehAuthor Commented:
I thought that I had attached them to the post a few back.  Let's see if I can include them here:

I tried doing a printscreen and then paste them here, but it did not work.  I will try to attach them again.

JebidiehAuthor Commented:
Ok.  I was reading something a while back that indicated that Java may be causing a problem different from mine, but paste related.  So.  I uninstalled Java, did not re-start the computer, opened both Word and Excel and paste now has all of the familiar options.

What is going on?

As always, thank you so much for your help!
JebidiehAuthor Commented:
But, as soon as I opened the spreadsheet that I was working on, the Paste options stop working.  Now when I open Word and Excel, even for blank spreadsheets and blank documents, the paste options no longer work.  Frustrated.  Hoped to get this done today.
JebidiehAuthor Commented:
I am still not sure what is going on, but I re-started my computer.  I opened Excel and the paste options worked in the default spreadsheet.  I opened Word and the paste options worked.  So, I copied the information from the spreadsheet I was working on to the default spreadsheet and so far, the paste options are still working.  I would love to know what happened.  What can you do in a spreadsheet that would affect the paste options in other Microsoft products?

Thanks again for your input!
JebidiehAuthor Commented:
And now the paste options have stopped working again.  Grrrrrrr.
On the offchance you ran some code or some add in did that seconded your controls/repurposed them (which I've done so I needed to figure how to reset everything)...  Not sure this is the fix if its happening in other Office apps, but nothing ventured, nothing gained!

This code will reset all the ribbon controls in Excel 2010.  You may be missing an options because some control was seconded by another code snippet.  RemoveControls removes any that were created by other code (it won't mess up your default ribbon) and ResetControls should set them back to their original purpose if any had been repurposed).

Give this a shot:

Sub removeControls()
Dim lngId As Long
Dim CtrlCbc As Object
Dim CtrlCbcRet As CommandBarControls
Dim arrIdNum As Variant

On Error Resume Next

    Set CtrlCbcRet = CommandBars.FindControls
    For Each CtrlCbc In CtrlCbcRet
    Next CtrlCbc
End Sub
Sub resetControls()
Dim ctrl As Object

    On Error Resume Next
    For Each ctrl In Application.CommandBars
    Next ctrl

End Sub

Open in new window

JebidiehAuthor Commented:
I tried dlmille's code.  I cannot promise that I completed it correctly.  I am a newbie to VBA.  But what I did, did not work.  I needed to get some work done, so I uninstalled Office 2010.  I restarted the machine.  Then I ran a CCleaner scan and then registry cleaner.  I re-installed Office 2010 and Excel started working again.  Until today!  I opened a timesheet that I had updated when I was having difficulty.  Again, I lost all but the "Keep Text Only" paste option.  Then I realized that when I hold Cntl + C for a second, the copy function seems to toggle.  In one case, when I copy, the dashed box comes up and I have all paste options.  If I hit Cntl + C again, I will get a solid box around the cell and I have only the "Keep Text Only" paste option.  It toggles between those options.  If this is an option, I did not know about it.  We cannot get another machine in the building to repeat that behaviour.  Does anyone know if there is check box option that I checked to get this option or if there is another program that made the option available?

Thanks for everyone's help.  I will award points after I receive input about this comment.
JebidiehAuthor Commented:
Hi Folks!

There are several threads running on the Microsoft Office Answers forum that have identified problems with IE9 and several other browsers that create this problem.  If the browsers are closed, the clipboard options are restored.  I have not found a resolution yet, but evidently Microsoft is aware of the problem at this point.

Here is one of the threads:

Thanks again for everyone's help!


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JebidiehAuthor Commented:
I found the "known problem" on the Microsoft Office Answers forum.
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