New Ipad, network shares, office documents.

I've been thinking about getting a Ipad and may do so with the new release. I was thinking about the 32GB wifi+4G model. I have a Iphone 4s so part of the reason I am looking at a Ipad is so they can share apps.

Some of the main reason I want one:
Traveling and accessing internet and email
Use to remote connect my home PC
Reading magazines
At home I need to be able to access office documents shared on my PC, like excel and access mainly.

Is it possible to access shared documents from the Ipad and open and edit office documents? I don't plan on having any movies or pictures. Can you choose what to syncronize with Itunes so I could block mp3's and pictures so they don't take up space on the Ipad?

Basically will use for business and personal but I don't want to buy a Ipad and a laptop.
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Your requirements are not ideal for iPad use.
You'll have No problem for Internet & Email, Reading Magazines and Books but the iPad starts to show its limitations when you want to WORK on MS Office documents .. in particular MS Access is not an option.
You'll have to use some form of Remote Access and work remotely on your Desktop (fast WiFi or 4G connection will be needed) as your ability to edit MS Office files on the iPad is limited.
There are several remote access options from VNC and LogMeIn apps to some RemoteDesktop apps (with varying levels of performance and functionality).
If you just want to view MS Office files you could use something like DropBox on your PC to share files with the iPad and view with GoodReader app or iWork apps on the iPad .. the limitations will come if you want to EDIT as there are very few options.

To conclude, as a browser, email and document viewer the iPad is excellent .. for WORKING on MS Office docs, spreadsheets the options are very few and for MS Access you will have to use Remote Desktop type solutions.  If this is a key requirement it is still hard to beat a small laptop or tablet with a full Windows OS running.
REIUSAAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice. Any idea how fast the new IPad would be using a remote desktop app with both the PC and IPad on a local wifi network?

Is it very easy working with documents like that through a remote desktop app or is it awkward? I have used the IPhone before and it was fine in a pinch but I would think the IPad is much better with a much bigger screen. I might get the keyboard for the IPad if I go that route.

Maybe I should wait and look at some Windows 8 tablets that come out but I think the IPad would be better from the personal use side, I am just trying to limit how many devices I need to buy.
Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
Ipad using remote desktop on LAN is about the same as using a Laptop .. same performance and speed.

Working on remote desktop is passable, not ideal but clearly better than iPhone
A bluetooth keyboard is ESSENTIAL if you are doing any serious amount of data entry.

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Have a look at an app called "cloud on". Its free and allows you to use Microsoft Office on the cloud for free. Its uses Dropbox then to store files which can be accessed from pc/mac
REIUSAAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the info.
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