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Unable to RDP to Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1

All of a sudden I have had I am having an issue on two differnt servers.  Both running Windows 2008 R2 Service Pack 1.  

The server is setup as a Terminal Server with Licensing installed and the RDP CALS applied.  It has been running for months without an issue.

Any ideas?  Anyone know of recent updates that may have created this issue?
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If updates have been applied re-Check firewall settings, AV protection settings, make sure RDP is enabled still. You can test by disabling AV and firewall to see if you can connect again.
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Already checked the firewall settings and AV.  I am able to ping it from another workstation.  I am just getting the error unable to reach the server when attempting the RDP connection.
When trying to RDP are you using the IP or name? Have you tried both?
check to see if listening on 3389 netstat -a
Tried both.  Not a DNS issue.  This server is also a SQL Server.  I can create an ODBC connection and connect to the database remotely.  I can UNC to the server and open the AdminShare C$.

I have tried uninstalling any updates that were applied to the server without success.  Then also tried reinstalling the updates without success.
It is listening on 3389.
Just to check the option to allow connection from any computers running rdp is checked.
The option to allow connections from any computer is checked in the computer properties.
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Found the problem was malware.