Setting Up Email in Exchange SBS 2003

Hello Experts,

We just took over a client from another IT company and are trying to set up Exchange so they can use shared calendars, etc. as well as for their email. Unfortunately, while we've been able to set things up so the users can connect to their Exchange Mailboxes and even access OWA internally (using hostname/exchange) and externally (using ipaddress/exchange), we are unable to have them send or receive internet email. This question will cover the receiving of emails. I'll probably be posting one addressng the sending of emails later.

Before I go any further, I do want to say that I am only able to remote into the server as well as use OWA to access a test user/mailbox we've setup. This is so we don't interfere with their current operations until we get this figured out. Our local email is testuser@company.local and POP3 email is

The first thing we tried was to go through CEICW as we've seen on so many different articles and sites. That really has not helped as the we're really unsure of what values to select and enter.

As a start, and I'm sure you'll have a ton of questions for us, here is their basic setup:
- They have a static ip address
- They have a DSL connection to the internet
- There's a SonicWall between the DSL Modem/Router and the server with rules set up allowing access on ports 25, 110, 443
- We have one ethernet connection on the server
- Their company email is currently accessed using POP3 and SMTP with nothing special (Ports 25, 110, no extra security) with mail servers being

In starting with the wizard, this is how far we were able to go:
- Connection Type: Broadband
- Broadband Connection: My server uses a local router device with an IP address
- Router Connection:  Preferred DNS servers - and, Local IP address of router - (address of SonicWall)
- Web Service Configuration: Allow Access to only the following website services - OWA, Remote Web Workplace, Outlook Mobil Access (they have iPhones, BlackBerries, Droids, etc.) and My Server uses a single network connection is checked
- Web Server Certificate: Do not change current webserver certificate is checked
- Internet E-mail: Enable Internet e-mail
- E-Mail Delivery Method: Forward all e-mail to e-mail server at your ISP is selected and the mail server is (note: this is the mail server of their POP3 e-mail as associated with their webhosting company, not the ISP, is that correct?)
- E-Mail Retrieval: Use Microsoft Connector for POP3 Mailboxes is checked, Use Exchange is checked with E-mail is held at my ISP until my server sends a signal is selected and is entered for the server name. Also, TURN after authentication is selected
- TURN Authentication Information: username: (as specified above), Password: password, Use SSL is NOT checked
- E-Mail Domain Name:
- POP3 Mailbox Accounts: we added our test one - Email Server:, Port: 110, Username:, Password: password, Mailbox Type: User Mailbox, Exchange User:  testuser
-Mail Schedule: Use the following schedule: Email Frequency Every 15 Minutes
- Remove Email Attachments: Unchecked allow Exchange to remove attachments

Hopefully, something's wrong somewhere there that would explain what's going on, but we're real confused.

We've turned on the highest level of messaging in the POP3 Connection Manager, and we can see the connector successfully logged on and received the email and deleted it from the mail server. However, an informational message later (Event ID 1049) says the message was routed to <> by an indivdual mailbox mapping. Is that right? Shouldn't this have routed to <testuser@company.local>?

Also, the thread of messages ends with EventID 340, MSExchangeTransport which says the Exchange MTA is disabled and that the message can't be delivered. We restarted the service, but still getting the same error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'll be checking in often to look for posts and answer questions. Thanks so much.
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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Is the MX record for the domain pointing to the IP Address of the SBS server?

Can you visit from the server and test port 25 to see if you get SUCCESS.  If you don't, then the firewall (or ISP) is blocking the port.  Please check both.

Have you got Anonymous Enabled on the SMTP Virtual Server Authentication settings as a bare minimum?  If not - you won't receive any external emails.

Is the SMTP Service (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol Service) started on the server?
PRNComputersAuthor Commented:
Thank you for responding.

When you ask about the MX record, I assume you mean on the website hosting service mail server for the company's internet email? If so, the answer is no. From what I understood, that's only required if we configured so that the emails would be sent directly to the Exchange server and we selected to have the mail held until Exchange sends a signal. That's what the POP3 connector is for, correct?

I went to the website and Ports 25, 80 and 443 are open. Those are what we need for POP3, website and Outlook Mobile Access, is that right?

For the Properties of the Default SMTP Virtual Server, on the Access Tab and then Authorization, Anonymous Access, Basic Authentication and Windows Integrated Authorization are all checked.

Thank you, again. I hope that helps.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
If you are collecting mail, then you don't need port 25 open unless you have users external to your server and you plan on them sending mail direct to your server for the server to send it out.

As you are collecting emails rather than having them delivered, which isn't the most efficient way to do things, but if that is what you want to do, then I would re-run the Connect To The Internet Wizard and when it comes to the email section, select to collect emails and configure your POP3 account(s) on your hosting service and then complete the wizard.
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PRNComputersAuthor Commented:
As I stated in my original posting, we used CEICW and set up the POP3 connector to our test email at that time.

Would you please review that information and let me know if we set things up properly to use the POP3 connector? There's really no sense in us re-running it if the information we're going to entering is incorrect and is what's causing the problem.

I apologize if I'm not being clear. We're a bit in the dark about this and I'm tried to provide as much information as possible in my original post. Thanks again.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Sorry - skimmed through that.

You state here:

"E-Mail Retrieval: Use Microsoft Connector for POP3 Mailboxes is checked, Use Exchange is checked with E-mail is held at my ISP until my server sends a signal is selected and is entered for the server name. Also, TURN after authentication is selected"

Does your host actually send emails to your server once your server checks in or do you have to go and collect them?

I have never seen the option to use a host that sends emails to your server once your server checks in - it is usually collect mail or have mail delivered.
PRNComputersAuthor Commented:
The emails just sit on the mail server. They are accessible via a (rather poor) webmail interface, but right now all of the users use Outlook to download them to their PCs/Notebooks. The option to leave the emails on the server is select and they are kept there for 90 days. That's how they've been operating for the past several years.

We want to use Exchange to go to the email server, pull down the emails via POP 3 connector, then distribute them to their new Exchange Mailboxes.

I can see in the Application logs that the emails are being pulled and getting to the Exchange server, but they never make it to the mailboxes. The string of information messages ends with the MSExchangeTransport error, which I assume means somethings wrong with the transfer of the email from some temporary holding location to the actual user's mailbox.

I suppose that means we are collecting the emails.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Okay - so you are pulling the emails down via POP3 then.

Can you please show me the Transport Errors that you are seeing.

The following MS article provides some steps for troubleshooting POP3 collection issues on an SBS 2003 server:

Can you have a run through it and see if it helps please.

Any reason why you don't switch to having mail delivered directly?  POP3 is only really intended as a short-term solution during a migration for example, not a long-term method to collect mail.

Collecting via POP3 means you can't Spam filter the messages, so hopefully your host is doing that part for you.

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Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Do you have Exchange 2003 SP2 installed?
PRNComputersAuthor Commented:
Too funny, I was just starting to go through that article myself. Got to the point where I was going to "Troubleshoot the POP3 Connector e-mail delivery process"

But to answer your questions, the error is:

Source: MSExchangeTransport
Category: Exchange Store Driver
Event ID: 340

Description: Because the Exchange MTA is diabled, the store driver cannot deliver the message <RGryWtllZ0000001c@company.local>:Re:Test Message from Webmail to the recipient

...and yes, we do have SP2 installed, although we did have to re-install IIS 6 (to work out an access issue with OWA). That was done with the original SP1 disks, but all updates have been installed.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Ah - how did you reinstall IIS?

If you removed it and re-installed it, you needed to have followed this article, otherwise you have a broken server and that would explain your problems:
PRNComputersAuthor Commented:
Yes, we did follow those instructions. I will post when I finish going through the troubleshooting article on the support site.
Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Well that's a relief - it's amazing how many don't!

Waiting for your troubleshooting results.

PRNComputersAuthor Commented:
So, the Download Process and the CDO Transfer Process are both working. This was verified by turning of the SMTP process, sending an email, and manually receiving through the POP 3 Connection Manager. Email showed up in the %PROGRAMFILES%\Exchsrvr\Mailroot\vsi 1\PickUp folder. As soon as I restarted the service, the email disappeared.

Then went and turned on Diagnostics Logging on the MSExchangeTransport service. I selected every service (rather have overkill than not enough info). Then turned on Protocol Logging, saving the log to the desktop. Did a quick check of the queues, nothing there.

Ran another email through, and as always, nothing found its way to the mailbox. Nothing strange in the Protocol log. However, not only is there nothing else new in the Application Log with regards to the MSExchangeTransport service, but the previous error message doesn't show anymore either.

About ready to slit my wrists...

Done for the evening, have another emergency call to take care of. At least something I know something about, viruses and domain security issues :-)

19:20 here, will start up again around 07:00. Thanks for everything so far, Alan.

Alan HardistyCo-OwnerCommented:
Any Anti-Virus software installed?
PRNComputersAuthor Commented:
We're using Kspersky EndPoint Security 8.

I had already checked based on another article I read and there were already exclusions for %Program Files%\Exchsrvr\ and subfolders. Changed the treat type to any so it would leave things alone.

I'm going to be checking more into the SMTP Virtual Server thing. I've got a feeling something's just not pointing to the right place somewhere. The fact that the emails are being moved out of the Pickup folder, but not going to the user's Exchange Mailboxes leads me to believe that they are being forwarded someplace incorrectly and hence, being lost.

Also, since there's no errors in the application log to let me know otherwise, I'm thinking everything is working as configured, so the configuration is wrong. Kind of like when I did a lot of programming. I hated it when the code did what I told it to do, and not what I wanted it to do.
PRNComputersAuthor Commented:
Just noticed something odd.

The logs indicate that the POP3 Connector is pulling things down from the server every 15 minutes, which is what we're going to be doing. However, I had the schedule turned off (Custom Schedule) and receive the message that emails would not be downloaded. But they keep pulling every 15 minutes.

I checked the custom schedule, and none of the radio buttons were selected. I selected none and saved. We'll see if that at least stops the POP3 Connector from firing off. I wouldn't think that it would be related to the SMTP relaying messages to the wrong place, but we've all seen stranger things now, haven't we?
PRNComputersAuthor Commented:
O.K., so the changing of the custom schedule has stopped the POP3 connector from firing off automatically,  which is what we want right now. But no emails are being sent nor received via Exchange.

The problem really seems to be with the SMTP service somewhere. If an email is dropped into the Pickup folder addressed to an internet email address, it is sent and received successfully. If an email is dropped into the Pickup folder addressed to a local recipient using their internet email address, it disappears. If an email is sent via an Exhange account, it never makes it to the Pickup folder.

Anyone have any ideas at all?
PRNComputersAuthor Commented:
Just a little more info:

Totally turned off AV, same results.

All 3 email accounts (1 X400, 2 SMTP) are there with the internet email address being the primary SMTP.

The POP3 information messages show the logon, download and removal of the emails from the internet email server.

The next POP3 messages are:

1)The message <id: (13165D8-98AE-462A-95DB-36113D3EFF6E)> was routed to <> by an individual mailbox mapping
2)The delivery process for message <id: (13165D8-98AE-462A-95DB-36113D3EFF6E)> finished successfully.
3) The delivery process finished successfully.

Looking at it now, should the messages still have the internet email address in them, or should they have been transformed to the local domain? i.e., testuser@internaldomainname.local
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